Learn to Hold Your Onions

What a kind stranger once taught me. When I was 14, I was walking home one day from our local Bangladeshi grocers, carrying a big bag of onions in its luminous orange netted bag, which never had any handles. Anyone, who knows a thing or two about South Asian families living in the UK, willContinue reading “Learn to Hold Your Onions”

Time and Space – Part 2

Part 2. Coping with loss through generations. “It’s Grandpa.” She blurted. “He collapsed in his house this morning. The neighbours found him. They called me cos they couldn’t get hold of you.”“What do you mean collapsed?”“It could be a heart attack, I don’t know. They’ve taken him to St Thomas. I borrowed Jo’s car. ComeContinue reading “Time and Space – Part 2”

Time and Space

Part 1 – Short Story about time, generations and coping with loss- Koyer Ahmed Time and Space  Both the clocks in my house malfunctioned around the same time. The one in my bedroom started losing its bearing a week ago, by 10 minutes each day. Every morning, I watched it’s dangly legs, summoning the strength, to drag itself around the diameter of itsContinue reading “Time and Space”

What came home? Thought on the Euro 2020 Finals

I’ve never been one to know much about football, I won’t be able to even explain the offside rule to you properly. Saturday nights were mainly pop music and TV comedy for me, rather than Match of the Day and either moaning or cheering about the latest football results. However, the International tournaments like the FIFAContinue reading “What came home? Thought on the Euro 2020 Finals”

Summer, Dancing and Heart Attack (Part 3 of 3)

90’s Politician My Dad was an emerging local celebrity, so the news of his heart attack, spread much like a viral video does in today’s social media generation. The word of mouth was a powerful tool within the Bangladeshi community. Who make it their business to know everybody’s business. We associated his stint at theContinue reading “Summer, Dancing and Heart Attack (Part 3 of 3)”

Summer, Dancing and Heart Attack (Part 2 of 3)

Heart Attack – Aftermath “Heart attack” – It sounded majestic like it wasn’t a bad thing, when it rolled out of my Mum’s tongue on her return that night. A tiny regal with a sharp prickling effect cutting the silent sound barrier of the room. The word was on constant loop, repeating out of herContinue reading “Summer, Dancing and Heart Attack (Part 2 of 3)”

Summer, Dancing and Heart Attack (Part 1)

1990 – Roga Milla Disneyland wasn’t the happiest place on earth.  We were being sold a big lie.  I was eight years old when I stumbled upon on that secret and it wasn’t that magical kingdom located in the sub tropical climate of Florida. Masqueraded through every media platform of 80’s popular culture to theContinue reading “Summer, Dancing and Heart Attack (Part 1)”

Climate Change – What We Can Learn from Our Immigrant Bangladeshi Parents.

Our inept desire for more things, only digs away at these very fundamental and our souls. This throw away culture of getting rid of things after they serve their single purpose, has transformed into our behaviour and in effect how we treat and look at each other as Humans

“She’s amazing … but a bit dark.” Thoughts on Colourism

“Why are you eating chocolate ice cream? You will become blacker by eating that.” Sounds absurd right? That comment. Hardly a joke? It will probably have you spitting the tea out from your mouth or falling off your chair from reading it. Now, imagine that was shouted at you by your mum, when you wereContinue reading ““She’s amazing … but a bit dark.” Thoughts on Colourism”