The Flying Orb.

Not much happens nowadays. Nothing exciting, no exciting trips to talk about, no funny stories that happened at work. No talk of meeting new people or things we have done. Everything is mundane really. So much so, you end up searching for things that don’t exist, in places where it shouldn’t.

Last Saturday night, I saw a bright orange orb firing up across the sky of East London. Levitating, glowing and then disappearing. It was silent as the night, not emitting a single sound.  Seamlessly flying across the night skies. A beacon I had been waiting for my whole life, to be closer to the mysterious UFOs that have been reported throughout history.   Answers to what really lies beyond this planet and being one step closer to find answers to why we are here and why we exist. 

I never thought I would see one from my back garden, but yet here it was. Maybe this mundane life has me searching for things in places it shouldn’t exist? Why of all the places in this world, should an intergalactic orb be flying in front of my house and in front of me? I am not looking for an explanation, I much rather entertain the possibilities of what it could have been. Rather than to investigate and find out it was some sophisticated drone that belonged to some tech geek.

People around the UK linger on an olive branch of June 21st – a date handed to them by the government. The day all the madness of the past year will come to end. A full year into lockdown, no one knew it wasn’t going to take this long to be where we are. Will this be our modern VE day? For me, that remains to be seen, for others there is no caution to the wind. The young ones, ready to embrace the youth that had been taken from them without permission, they are already getting ready for the night clubs and bars.  Travel agents reporting heavy traffic on their websites, people booking holidays, even though international restrictions lifting has not been announced. Talks of BBQ and parties being spread on social media and messages. The light can finally be seen in this one-year long tunnel.  

But the global picture is different. Getting the UK through this is not going to be enough when the world around us is behind in terms of vaccination. Is June really the end? False dates and empty promises have been given to us before. If June is the end? why has Furlough been extended until September. As reports of new variants start emerging, what’s to say we are not going to experience a new pandemic lurking around the corner. A stronger strain that will leave us locked behind our doors for longer. It’s always best to observe what the government is doing, then what they are saying.  

So, we remain mundane, making and creating narratives in our heads to keep control of the things we can. Maybe the orb I saw was an extra-terrestrial object or maybe it was pre- fragments of the meteor shower that took place the next night. It could have even been a military aircraft. The truth is what we make it nowadays.

But what if it all works out and June 21st is when we let the guard doors down? We are let out to wander the roads and streets with no restrictions and no barriers? Will we be able to run free or will we be too afraid and re-treat back to the only cocoon we know and have been building for the past year. Sometimes a cage is where we are the most free.

She called my bluff and she won the fight
I ran outside in the hot twilight
I had a lighter that didn’t light
Well I know I shouldn’t smoke

I was gone, I was free to leave
Walking fast down the Bowery
Tears in my eyes so I couldn’t see
But I made my way back home

Published by thedeepermeaning

Some one documenting this Pandemic through my own eyes and mind

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