Day Seventy Five- The Hypocrisy of the Left

This week has been highly charged, like none other time during this Pandemic. Even though we have seen the death count for Covid-19 gone down below a 100 today, the biggest news is the ongoing protests taking place in the USA, which has now found its way here in the cities of UK.

Thousands of people gathered around landmarks, majority peacefully protesting but also many destroying and vandalising statues of old controversial figures and throwing them deep into the cold dark waters. It’s as if those acts will rectify all the issues and erase the most hardest part of our history.  None of these protests had any social distancing as if Covid 19 had disappeared, or that it will somehow exempt them because they are fighting for a social justice cause. What’s amusing out of all of this, is the amount of support being shown to protesters and excuses by the main left wing and unions.

Nobody is disagreeing with the level of injustice that took place in America in the past week and one can even get on board with the demonstrations taking place in the USA. However, I fail to see how in the middle of a global pandemic that has killed 40’000 people here in Britain alone, why people in the UK think they should be protesting, considering the global circumstances. This is not the time to come out and protest an age old systemic problems here, just to show solidarity to the USA.

What’s worse, are the excuses and comparison from the Left in support for it. ‘People have been going to the beaches’ ‘People are queuing up in IKEA’ ‘Dominic Cummings went and visited his family’  ‘Racism is a pandemic in itself’. Are some of the things the Left have been saying to justify the protests and the lack of social distancing. Some of these things may be taking place, but it has never been encouraged by anyone, actually it was frowned and criticised upon. And the last time I checked racism had not killed 400’000 people globally in a period of six months, like Covid-19 has.

One might argue, that systemic racism has killed more people than that. Which maybe so, but that issue has always been here, it didn’t pop out last week when George Floyd was killed. What is this innate need to encourage and support the protest at a time when we are just getting a grip on the Pandemic? What is this need to gather and destroy statues and further fuel and overshadow the real cause of Black Lives Matter?

 What about the great NHS that no one has stopped talking about? For the last three to four months, all that the Left wing and the unions have been doing is clapping for the heroes, critiquing the government on lack of PPE, talking about underpaid and overworked nurses. Getting on the bandwagon of how the NHS is underfunded and under appreciated by the Government.  Another spike in numbers, no matter how small or big from the protests, will not affect the Government, it will overwhelm the heroes that you have been clapping for.  If you encourage mass gatherings in protests or any other form, how can you show sympathy or feel the needs for justice for the NHS? It is those hard working nurses and health professionals which will be the ones picking up the pieces. You just become empty placard protesters and fail to garner any support or respect for all the other causes you come to support.

No one is blind to injustice, but the actions of people are fuelling more of a division rather a voice being heard.

Ridiculous comparisons cannot be made to justify protests here in London, these can wait. We all know BAME People are the most vulnerable in this pandemic, our death rates are higher than most, another spike no matter how small or big, is likely to affect more people of colour. How ironic will that be? Black people protesting for their rights, which might make their communities more vulnerable in the process.

If anything is clear from all this support for protests, how little the left wing actually support and respect the NHS and the lockdown rules when it comes to their own agendas. And the same could be said about the other side too. It is clear many just want to protest to stay relevant and promote an idealistic version of themselves. And how little people really care about the impact of Covid -19.

Be sensible in your approach, so the message of the cause is not being lost. As, all I have seen in the last few days, is lefties going on a ruthless parade with their white anarchist fantasies, which has infiltrated and influenced the activities of Black Lives Matter.

Stay Safe.

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Some one documenting this Pandemic through my own eyes and mind

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