Day Forty – Is Lockdown Unofficially Over?

Entering the month of May meant, we spent the whole complete month of April in Lockdown. But Lockdown when it was first announced near the end of March is a lot different than what we are facing in beginning of May. We have become complacent, the regulations put forward by the government bouncing off our backs. Through the homeschooling, baking, tedious Zoom meetings, countless hours of social media and streaming channels like Netflix and Disney plus. There is an underlining sense of anger, boredom, frustration and hurt that has been mixed together to create a pandemic version of us. And it remains to be seen if or how long it will take for us to dust of this new version of us or how it moulds us into the post pandemic human in us.

In my running app I clocked a total 146km of running in April.  That’s a new world record for me. I have never ran this much in a month, but I guess with gyms closed and the only times I can legitimately go out is either for exercise or shopping, it was bound to be the case.  Very fast and very quick some of the perks of lockdown are dying out. The clapping for NHS every Thursday has now been hijacked with a sense of cringe and over-kill, it was nice the first time, but every week? Whilst the NHS and the world bends over backwards to deal with Covid 19, we have made the message clear. We support all the health workers and the amazing work they do, but let us not overdo it with our sense of selfish righteousness.

Boris came back this week and took his rightful place on the mantle. Being a father again, didn’t seem to distract him from taking to the front line and declaring that he will not be taking paternity leave at this time. Of course, I can imagine how hard it would be for his girlfriend, it’s not like they can afford nannies and other private professionals to help out. ‘The peak is over” he told us triumphantly, but what that means again is ambiguous. There are still no new signs of an exit strategy, whilst Pier Morgan and the media seem to have a fetish over the 100’000 tests that Matt Hancock has promised and not delivering. It’s all becoming a tennis match with the ball going from one side to another, all the while, ignoring the real victims in all of this.

The US Government declassified three videos of suspected UFO’s. Clarifying that they are investigating what it could have been. With a US Senator declaring this only scratches the surface of the intelligence they have gathered around UFOs. As a fan of the unknown and especially my strong belief around the cosmos, its surprising this isn’t big news.  The Governments are practically admitting the aliens might be real and the world doesn’t seem to care. It makes me think back to my first post, when I wrote with the state of the world the way it is now, would it be a shock if aliens invaded us?

Is it such a surprise? That whilst all this is going on, people have started to self govern and have taken measures into their own hands. Yes, it did pour down with rain one or two days this week, even with the weather the way it was, throughout my daily running this week, I saw no signs of any lockdown or social distancing. Businesses are starting to re open and people with masks on (as if it was  an armour of shield against covid 19) out and about with cars on the roads, like it was just another pre-lockdown day. Yes, if you concentrated hard enough, there were no groups of people or gatherings, but regardless there were people out just doing what they can do. It makes you wonder if they should just recall everyone back to work at their offices and make them earn their money. Shops and supermarkets have put stringent rules in places only for show but no real effect.  In my recent trip to Sainsbury’s, as I queued up to be let in. I watched NHS workers, being allowed to skip the queue and being let in. It makes you wonder, why we are in the queue in the first place. If queues were designed to let only a certain number of people in at a time for social distancing measures, surely someone can’t just flash a badge and walk in.  We have become distorted with our views and what is common sense and not. All the more reason, why we need an exit strategy and lockdown to be eased as soon as possible. With the ushering of Summer, it’s going to be very hard to maintain any law and order, as people jump on bikes, their jogging pants and frolic around enjoying the sun.  It is not just me who is observing this, as I scroll through social media comments, people from all over the UK seem to be saying and observing the same things.

What we need is some common sense, if people can just self manage and clean themselves and keep social distance, whilst businesses can make a few adjustments, is there any need for a lockdown at all?

Like many, I wish to be to go out and make some sense of normality again. I worry mainly for the state of the economy and the country and if we will have jobs to go back to. I worry for the mental health of my two children, who have not seen their friends, family, teachers and cousins or had a quality level of education that they are used to. As rumours spread around that schools may open back in June, I am hoping we will see some easing in the next few weeks.  It’s all about how the government want to play this, either they can come out on top and give some dates or the people will make their own.

Until then -Stay Safe.

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Some one documenting this Pandemic through my own eyes and mind

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