Day Twenty Four – The BAME Position

It’s been over three weeks and it looks like we are in this for until the end of May. Boris has left hospital, Trump has declared war with WHO and withdrawn US funding, whilst some European countries like Denmark and Germany look at relaxing their lockdown restrictions.  None has been without its criticism. What started off as a united front from the country, is now beginning to show cracks- which comes as no surprise. The Lockdown is beginning to divide the nation, with some wanting it to continue whilst others just wish it will all end. Supermarkets are no longer busy with hoarders but social unrest and questions do seem to be showing. This week twenty 5G masts were damaged here in the UK, proving that the 5G conspiracy is not going away anytime soon.  People are becoming highly critical of government and rumours are circulating that a new vaccine will have an implant that is going to track people for a future new world order.

The news of 12000 plus deaths setting the UK on the course to be the worst hit country in Europe of this Convid 19 Pandemic, has led people to be more paranoid and scared of what the future might hold.  Amongst the many wild views and conspiracy theories, there is one that is highlighted above else and touched upon by the media. That is the rate of victims and death of those from BAME backgrounds and how it is higher than average, compared to the Caucasian population.

What does this mean? Is this some genetically engineered virus that is promoting the white colonial spirit, which has been engineered to attack people of Black and Asian backgrounds?  It is quite an easy conspiracy to get on board with, especially to those who have been victims of colonial past and the Anglo- Saxon rule of the world. To put it simply the answer is, a big fat No! If this unseen virus was somehow designed to kill and maim people of a certain ethnic background – in this case  Asian and Black. Then the continents of Asia and Africa would be the worst of hit by now. So why do you ask we have a high proportion of people from BAME backgrounds falling victims to COVID- 19? It’s simple and already been answered by many. People from BAME backgrounds in the West, especially countries like the UK, mainly live in densely populated cities, with close communities and intergenerational family infrastructure.  Along with that, many come from poor backgrounds, which equates to poor health, not to mention many account for the essential front line jobs that is vital to the UK economy.  All of which is bad potent for this virus, as the only way to not get affected by Covid 19 is to socially isolate, be in good health and stay away from people.   This pandemic has exposed the way the UK society has been functioning and exposed more deep rooted historical issues embedded into British society, which now needs to be evaluated by everyone. Especially people from BAME backgrounds and now is the right time to make cultural and belief changes.

There are no secrets of the dark side of the British empire, you only have to pick up a book or watch a documentary, to find out, what is now common knowledge. Both the US and UK had to rely on slavery to build their countries, to build the infrastructure of the nations we have now come to live in.  Workers torn away from their homelands without or little choice, to come and carry out menial jobs for absolute peanuts.  Yes, we have heard the apologies, read the books, seen the legislations put in place for decades for them to try and correct their choices, put the dark side of history behind them and move forward.  But has things really changed?

We seem to almost take pride in saying how immigrants are the backbones of this country, in order to prove our worth and value and justification to live in this country.  Whenever we have been faced with racist or xenophobic commentary, more so since Brexit. Almost as if we have accepted the immigrant position in this country, as those that carry out the most essential jobs and that is the reason they should be valued.

In this lockdown, we have celebrated far too often, the fact that most of the essential key workers, front line staff such as supermarket workers, cab drivers, couriers, delivery drivers and nurses are from BAME background and how important it is that we remember their contribution, after we move on from this pandemic.  But should we be encouraging this type of mindset?  By celebrating immigrants and people from BAME migrants as essential key workers, are we only just enabling the current narrative to continue? A narrative which has been playing for centuries, where people of colour are here to serve the native white people of this country? Why is it still after all this time, especially in an iconic city like London, one of the most developed, progressive and financial powerhouse of the world, do we still have large number of BAME background people who are carrying out essential front line jobs? This pandemic has exposed further the colonial strategies that still exist within this system and unless this changes, when another catastrophe happens, people from the minority will be a majority of the victims and front line martyrs.

Yes it is important to celebrate BAME and Immigrant contribution in a country like UK where majority are of white background, but it is also important that we do not limit ourselves to just celebrate our achievements to essential and front line jobs, which allows the inequality to carry on.

Stay Safe, Stay Home.

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Some one documenting this Pandemic through my own eyes and mind

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