Day Twenty – Easter Lockdown

It’s an Easter weekend like no other. 26 degrees outside, like its mid-July with no sign of the sun going away anytime soon.  For the last 20 days, every day seemed like a bank holiday, ripping away the excitement and joy of the four day weekend we all love and anticipate every year. It’s sad to see colourful chocolate Easter eggs rotting away at supermarkets shelves. Unlike previous years, where we grabbed the special offers and scoffed it down and went out and got some more. This year the public seem to be more concern about stocking up on essentials and not idle confectionaries. The sun coming out, has does little to boost morale, as we stay stuck indoors, wishing we were out there, in the park, buying an ice cream and going to a restaurant with the kids. The things we casually did during bank holidays that now seem so strange and alien. A part of you wonders if the pre-pandemic status quo, will ever return?

The death toll is getting grim with record death reported every day, no one is exempt, as this week we saw more NHS doctors and medical staff, fall victim to Covid -19,  making the public feel more anxious. With no hopes of the lockdown ending anytime soon, more and more people are criticising the government, angry, frustrated with a feeling of betrayal. The thought the government could have somehow saved this situation or could have done better by earlier intervention or doing more now, seems to be the consensus.  You can feel the people’s emotions, but can also see through it too.  Anger has to be channelled towards something and the government is always going to be public enemy numero one.

Unlike other threats, this is an invisible enemy, no terrorist group, country, business, ideology or political groups can be blamed, so people take the blame to the government. As if somehow the government could have prevented microbes- the tiniest living organisms in the world, to stop coming into the atmosphere-. Nature is hard to be angry at, so we become unreasonable in our human quest to blame something.  But you can understand the anger, so you have to let them release it. In some countries, people are blaming Doctors instead of government- the ever struggle doctors face universally to play God.

Viral videos have surfacing of people policing other people in all parts of the world. Some with sticks and batons and here in UK with emotional words of anger, like somehow, they are heroic in doing so.  It only reminds me of how easy it is for people to undermined civil liberty and drag themselves into authoritarian rule.  A part of me can’t help to think, that the government are observing this current situation and taking notes out of this tragedy for future references. Getting one of the most free and democratic countries of this world to become a police state this quick, is no easy task and no doubt it has already given them ideas on how they can garner support for similar scenarios in the future.

I stared into the clear sky, at night, it felt weird, there were no artificial stars any more. Aeroplanes soaring in the sky, which I was so used to seeing, leaving a trail of light behind them, nowhere to be seen. During my jog during the day, the water from the Thames looked calm running under the famous bridges, like never before. I soak it all up, because I know, this is a one in a billion scenario, I will never see London like this ever again. Sun shining, clear blue skies and quiet in complete serenity.

This weekend was supposed to be the last weekend of the lockdown, but we are good month away from any clear answers. Sitting at home, scouring through the internet, putting off jobs that you no longer have an excuse not to do, seem like the new normal. Long lost connections are being forged and maybe people are talking to each other more over the phones but there is apprehension.  Even with all of this, we are divided about what is happening.

So we move on with our own faiths and beliefs and try to find solace with it all, with our own coping mechanism. Some have resorted to social media, some have retreated to reading books, some are busy showing the world how the lockdown is a positive. But whatever people are doing, for the first time I feel deep in the core of it all, their lies real anxiety and fear. What if this is the new status quo for the foreseeable future? What if February 2020, was the last of that era and things have taken an U- turn, that will take at least two generations to regenerate?

Happy Easter, Stay Safe.


Published by thedeepermeaning

Some one documenting this Pandemic through my own eyes and mind

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