Day Sixteen – Butterfly Effect- What If?

Every day in this pandemic, we are being faced with more plot twists than a M Night Shaymalan film. To the extent where nothing seems to be a shock anymore. Yesterday, Boris Johnson was admitted to an ICU, as his symptoms from Covid 19 worsen. Not much has been told to us -the public, apart from he is doing well, which comes as no surprise. It will be typical government strategy to not let slip out anything that will cause panic to an already fragile population. In any other time or scenario, the PM being in a possible life threatening condition, would shock the country to its core. But, in this current day, it scarily seems ok, like another hard battle in this god forsaken war we have found ourselves in.

I feel sorry for Boris, I’ve never been a fan of many Tory policies, or the bumbling buffoon, but I kind of liked the guy for his absurd nonsense from time to time. That jolly old posh fool, who finds it hard to string two sentences together without offending someone or something, that everyone somehow seems to let him off for. But I don’t wish the guy any harm. In fact a sense of sadness came over me, hearing the news, that the leader of our country, regardless of what many may think of him, is in the state that he is.

Sitting here in lockdown, it got me thinking of how it even came to this stage, how he got to where he is now and even if he should be there? It seems almost by chance everything happened the way it did.

The Butterfly Effect is a term used to describe how the slightest of changes can go on to have a huge consequence or result. It is believed that something as minute as a flap of the wings from a butterfly, can go on to cause a Tornado. It seems fitting I should be thinking about this, since it is something even smaller than a flap of a butterfly’s wing (in this case microbes), that is currently causing this global mayhem.

What has this got to do with Boris? It maybe hard to imagine, but 2020, should have been the year, we were meant to have our next official General Election, as in line with election law.  But things have drastically changed since May 2015, when the Tories surprised even themselves and won a majority with David Cameron continuing his reign as PM.  If everything had taken its suggestive normal course, he would have still been our PM and we should have got ready to vote again sometimes this May.  But since, we have had an EU Referendum, two general elections and two different PMs, representing one of the most extreme, right wing, elitist and nationalist Conservative Party we have seen in over a century. And on the flip side we have had an almost near socialist revolution with Jeremy Corbyn.

For anyone who doesn’t follow politics, I can tell you this much, the things which have happened in the last five years, almost makes it seem like we have woken up in a parallel universe. Somewhere, somehow, a butterfly must have flapped his wings wrong.  So where can we trace this back to?

Could it be all the way back to the 2008 Financial Crisis? Could it be the transfer of power from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown as PM of the country back in 2007? Gordon Brown with all his great knowledge and excellent financial skills, never quite had the charisma to convince the public who were bearing the brunt of the financial crisis, to support a new five years of Labour government. At the same time, David Cameron, found himself in the same position. The result was one of the most unlikely partnership in the history of UK, a Con Lib coalition that ran the country for the next five years and declaring austerity.

As the right wing of the country gained more power and voices calling for an exit from the EU getting louder. Labour members through the support of the Unions somehow elected Ed Milliband as their leader and PM candidate instead of his highly tipped and more strategic brother David Milliband.

We all know Cameron only agreed, to the EU Referendum, after giving into the extreme right of his party and to win a majority in the next election. He assumed it would be a walk in the park for him, after all, the UK public will never vote to leave the EU, right?

Thanks to the referendum, we saw terms like Brexit appear on our vocabulary, which dominated our lives for over three years, we saw our country divide, another two general election, which eventually  got Boris elected as the PM.

But what if things were different? What if David Milliband did win the Labour leadership in 2010? He had polices, the support and the strategy of a true Blairite.  He could have challenged Cameron better than his brother Ed and maybe even gone onto win the GE in 2015. Therefore, leading this country into a whole new direction. I only say this, because since the 2009 GE, every game changing votes have been won on a margin and a little push could have changed everything.

What if Cameron decided to stay as PM after the Brexit vote? Would there new leadership challenge in the party? Would  Boris even had Covid 19, seeing as though it most likely he got infected doing prime ministerial duties, which he wouldn’t be doing and even if he did. Would it matter to us as it does now? Would we feel sorry for the guy? Would we even know names like Sajid Javid, Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak. Cameron would most likely not give into the right wing and keep his centre focus Cabinet Ministers. We probably would not have heard of Dominic Cummings either.

What would have happened if David Milliband was leader of the Labour Party? Would we have ever heard of Jeremy Corbyn?  Or be part of his small revolution, that went onto inspired a new generation. We probably would have been caught up in more global conflicts in the name of peace, as David Milliband followed a lot of neo –liberal agenda.

Covid 19 pandemic would most likely still taken place, as this is a  natural phenomenon. But how would we have dealt with it?  A part of me hopes, I can wake up from this parallel universe and find myself back in a more normal world, where the butterfly didn’t flap his wing. Where I am just getting ready to vote for in the GE in May 2020.

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