Day Ten – Conspiracy Squad

Every global catastrophe is guaranteed to have two things. Number one, its critics and number two the conspiracy theorists. The latter, remind us every step of the way, that what are seeing, is in fact, not what we are getting.

Did you hear about the one where no Jews went to work at the World Trade Centre in 9/11? Or how about the famous, Man didn’t land on the Moon? Do you remember how The Simpsons predicted the future in multiple episodes? How about MMR vaccines causing Autism amongst children? And less we forget the Flat Earthers, a scary growing movement, who in fact believe, as their title will tell you, yes, the world is flat and the globe is just a big NASA conspiracy. For what reason, they are still yet to tell us. But not all conspiracy theories are something concocted out of mind of a toddler, with lizards controlling the Earth and enslaving humanity. There are those you can have a rational conversation about, which are more political rather than conspiracy theories. Such as the destabilising of middle-eastern countries by western forces in the name of liberation and freedom.

So was it really a surprise with the whole Covid 19 Pandemic, that every conspiracy theorist crawled out from their dark holes and invaded the internet with their take on how this is all linked to the Illuminati, Freemasons or the Rothschild Family. I’ll be the first to admit, I do not trust all formal information the government gives us, but that does not mean I will jump on the bandwagon of those who are offering me their wide and wacky alternative. Whilst I can entertain the ideas of experts and professionals who have worked in stock markets, health care systems, government offices and have inside knowledge of the subject they are talking about and giving their opinions of what this current global catastrophe means. What I can and will not tolerate is the average Joe without any actual expertise or knowledge about something, enforcing a theory which they found out about through a meme,  like it was the truth and nothing but the truth.

I’m sure all of us have received videos, voice notes, memes, texts and posts, from all different sources in the last few weeks, citing different theories about Covid 19. Some are quite interesting to think about and others just plain unbelievable. Like the one where millions of bodies are being cremated secretly by the government to hide the death toll. What government in this day and age can secretly cremate a million bodies and keep it silent? A million bodies are likely to have a minimum of 60 million relatives or people they know, what government can keep 60 million people to keep their mouths shut? But what is scary, is the amount of people who then forward these theories, legitimising the absurdness behind it.

Recently, there have been videos and posts about how the 5G network is emitting a new type of powerful radiation which is killing birds and trees. Apparently, 5G will give us brain cancer and is even responsible for Covid 19. I think our 5G contract with China, has something to do with these types of sentiments coming out. What is worrying about the whole thing is, we are seeing videos surfacing of ordinary Joe public approaching Engineers, who are going about their daily jobs, fixing these lines, being verbally attacked and threatened. Comments from people, threatening to burn these posts and places down, after it has been built, like they are some hero vigilantes doing humanitarian work for the greater good.

It comes as no surprise the ones who are instigating these, are the type of people, who are likely to state the University of Life as part of their education on their Facebook account, overcompensating for their self doubt and inadequacies, they feel they have in life. And maybe that’s where the fault lies. Spouting and entertaining conspiracy theories gives the illusion that you are somehow intelligent, because you are not swallowing the tripe being fed to you, because after all you must be smart if you are questioning the government, right? It maybe those dinner or party conversations you have with people, where you feel you come out looking woke and knowledgeable, when most of what you are saying are just filled with contradictions. That’s because majority of the people who normally forward or talk about far fetched conspiracy theories are just presenting verbatim of what they have been told by someone else.  But it also highlights a much wider social problem. The lack of trust people have of officials and also in many cases a huge of lack of education and critical thinking.

In the last few days I have heard and read theories about how people are dropping dead from newly administered Covid 19 vaccines here in the UK and how letters being sent by Boris are doused with mind control chemicals. You have to wonder, who is coming up with this stuff? Is someone writing them as a joke and people passing them on as real? Why cannot people decipher information before believing in it.  Are contradictions that difficult to process, especially in plain sight? When they attack 5G installations, citing it has radiation that causes cancer? Don’t they stop to think that they are walking around with smartphones in their pockets? Internet in their homes? Ipads for their children, microwaves and android devices being used as part of their everyday lives? Do all these products they currently have emit something other than radiation, maybe it gives out some kind of magic rays that 5G doesn’t?

Yes, there are many things that get hidden from us -the public, but if you know where to look or how things work, it doesn’t stay hidden for long. A government cover up or secret doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy, and most of the time when they cover up something, its strategy or diplomatic secrets. It’s not devil antennas designed to execute and kill or mind control drugs. So please the next time you come across a piece of information at a volatile time like this. Think twice, because people are dying, the public is scared, we have never been in a situation like this before. Your race to prove you are smart and somehow have extra knowledge, only proves the opposite and ends up causing more distress to the public and insensitive to families and victims of this pandemic.

Be safe, Stay Home and if in doubt Don’t Share



Be Safe, Stay Home and if in doubt, DON’T Share.

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