So Donald Trump Won. Now What?


The electoral college system has once again screwed us over, as nearly 3,000,000 more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, yet Trump won the election. We can observe Donald Trump’s climb to the highest office in our land in several ways. He’s probably the first President-Elect in history who ran a successful campaign without the support or endorsement of any of the 5 living presidents. Seriously! We can view that as insane or encouraging, since MAYBE it means that someone could theoretically have an honest shot at being President without being “tapped” by secret societies. Then again, let’s be honest: the only person who could ever get away with the things that Trump got away with during his campaign would be a white man. That’s it.

Let’s review: there’s the Access Hollywood video from September 2005 when a newly married Donald boasted about making a move on an actress and grabbing women by their private parts; 12 women have accused him of sexual assault; he insulted Congressman John McCain by saying he wasn’t a war hero because he was taken prisoner of war in Vietnam; he proposed a ban on Muslims from entering the United States (imagine for a SECOND if he proposed banning Jewish people); he repeatedly refused to release his income tax returns and said not paying federal income tax “makes me smart;” he encouraged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails and release them; he claimed a Supreme Court judge’s Mexican heritage made him unable to be partial in a case; he used money from his Trump Foundation to pay $258K in private legal fees, a HUGE no-no; he refused to reject political support from KKK leader David Duke; he mimicked a disabled reporter at a campaign rally; he repeatedly used Twitter as a weapon, insulting his opponents as “Crooked Hillary,” “Little Marco” Rubio, Jeb “Low Energy” Bush, and “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz; he has several ongoing lawsuits against him pending; and he literally said that “he could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone and not lose votes!”

Hillary Clinton led a 30+ year life of public service on virtually every level yet still had to compete (and ultimately lose) to a less qualified man for a job. It is a textbook case-and-point that illustrates a motivating factor behind feminism. Barack Obama needed flawless credentials and a picturesque family with no scandals of any kind to achieve what was literally considered “the impossible feat” by many Americans. Any other demographic with Trump’s scandalous background would have been dead in the water long before becoming the nominee of a major political party. Hillary represented the status quo; Trump represents business. Someone who is perceived to have not had political aspirations and was sick of the bureaucracy in Washington. With Clinton, people knew what to expect. With Trump? No one has a clue. Perhaps that is his power. He often criticized the U.S. Government, Congressmen, and Hillary Clinton for being too open to the public about our missions. We live in a media driven world, and we are reportedly “giving away” too much information to our enemies. Trump ran an entire presidential campaign with less funds than his opponent using purely radical ideas with no concrete strategies or plans of how he planned to accomplish his goals.

  • “We’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” How? (Silence).
  • “We’re going to bring manufacturing jobs back, especially to the Rust Belt.” How? (Silence).
  • “We’re going to stop China from robbing us and reclaim our status in the world as an economic powerhouse.” How? (Silence).
  • “We’re going to blow up Washington.” How? (Silence).
  • “We’re going to deport millions of undocumented immigrants who are in our country illegally.” How? (Silence).
  • “We’re going to ban all muslims from entering our country until we can verify that they are not affiliated with terrorists.” How? (Silence).
  • “We’re going to reform our immigration policies in this country.” How? (Silence).

Many have criticized Trump for his vagueness, but perhaps he has taken a page out of his own book, The Art of the Deal. The unknown variables give him a mysterious power now as no one knows what to expect.  Will he really follow through on his promises? Most politicians say one thing on the campaign trails, say a second (more conservative) thing in the political debates, and do a final, totally different thing once in office. Nevertheless, Trump did us all a tremendous favor. Many of us foolishly believed that we were living in a mythical “post racial” society since we achieved the feat of electing a black president. Donald Trump’s campaign and ultimate victory continue to illustrate the deep racial divides that still plague our society. What cannot be argued is the demographics of America are rapidly changing. White children aged 6 and under are already outnumbered by other “minorities,” a term that will soon need redefinition. More than half of the nation’s children are expected to be part of a “minority race” or ethnic group by 2020. By 2055, the U.S. will have no racial or majority group. As a result, some see Trump and his supporters as white supremacy’s last stand. There is fear of these changing demographics. Trumps campaigns frequently created environments where black attendees or protesters were assaulted, verbally insulted, and often pushed out similarly to incidents that took place during the civil rights era. A wheelchair bound kid with cerebral palsy was pushed and ultimately ejected out of a Trump rally for being a proponent for Hillary.

In the black community, there is visceral blame being pointed at black voters who reportedly “did not turn out” to vote, or “wasted” their votes on 3rd party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. The narrative usually revolves around the fact that any vote that did not go to Hillary was a vote for Trump. As The Washington Post pointed out, this is not quite accurate as it assumes that 3rd party voters only impacted Clinton; they’re arguing that she could have won if she didn’t lose these voters and if Trump somehow still did. Their data revealed that in most key states, their involvement had little effect on the race. The truth is, Hillary Clinton got 88% of the black vote, which is more than her husband got in his career. To put that in perspective, President Obama got 93% of the black vote in 2012 and 95% of the black vote in 2008. Obama generated tremendous voting turnouts across the country. Voting numbers for democrats were at record levels–those numbers had to come back down to earth regardless of who the next nominee would be. It just became an even worse scenario with Hillary Clinton, a candidate plagued with policy issues in addition to voters being tired of the same old Washington insiders and career politicians. In fact, if you’re 57 years old or younger in 2016, you’ve never voted in a presidential election without a Bush or a Clinton as a candidate, running mate, or member of the administration. That is truly the illusion of inclusion!

Then there is Bernie Sanders, who destroyed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries in multiple states, but was not given a fair shot at being the nominee due to the corrupt and unethical superdelegate process. I previously wrote in detail about how superdelegates work here. In multiple states, Clinton got superdelegate votes despite losing to Sanders in the actual votes, which infuriated his constituents. Even worse, it was well known that Bernie Sanders would have soundly defeated Donald Trump, especially in the rust belt states where Trump made his mark. Despite knowing this, the Democrats arrogantly forced Hillary upon their electorate knowing she had a much more difficult road to climb. Trump himself even admitted his relief:


The 2016 electorate is 70% White, 13% Black, 11% Latino, 6% Asian/Other. How can black people be considered a “minority” and be the scapegoat for Hillary’s loss? It is not a logical conclusion. People need to realize that Donald Trump won because the majority of white America (58%) turned out in droves to vote for him. Over 60 million people–particularly rural, non-college educated, white evangelical or born-again Christians agree with his views! This is clear:



Source: NY Times

There are a lot of ways to analyze the voter exit polls; if she matched Obama’s percentage of non-college educated whites, white men, men overall, white women, non-college educated white women, women overall, and several other categories she could have won. In some major cities such as Philadelphia, she actually outperformed Obama. However, the electorate overall was more white and more rural. Trump surprisingly garnered support from 29% of the Hispanic vote, which helped him win the key states FL, TX, and AZ. He also blew up the traditional voting map by stealing key rust belt states that were considered to be democratic strongholds: PA, WV, OH, IN, MI, and WI.

Tariq Nasheed explains here how the black community is not voting strategically:

Essentially, politicians don’t adequately address the black community or black issues yet we still blindly give them our vote. They know they will get it whether they address us or not, which hurts our people and gives away our power. Trump may superficially meet with sell-out pastors, Bill Clinton may play a saxophone, and Hillary may meet with a few rap artists and do the latest dance on television. Such pandering is not benefitting us or our communities, but here is what will. We have to realize that politics is driven by money, not votes. Donald Trump became powerful because he donated to democrat and republican campaigns (including many of his opponents) on every level for decades. He leveraged this influence to his advantage. The black community has to setup local and national organizations, pool our money into them, and pay lobbyists to lobby on our behalf in Washington. Legislation is passed in governments in large part due to lobbyists.

Black America spends over $1 trillion per year and on average wastes $250 million each week in the black church. What have we gotten in return for shelling out $420 billion in tax free money? Whatever it is, it would be put to better use to get us leverage to benefit our communities, schools, and economic standing. Let’s be honest: black people have been getting lynched every week in America under President Obama. Black unemployment is twice that of whites at every level. Our protests raise awareness, but not legal progress. In fact, President Obama signed a “Blue Alert” bill into law to protect police officers during a time when they are much less likely to be killed or injured in the line of duty than in previous decades, while black people are many times more likely to be killed by police. The difference is, the police have unions and lobbyists acting on their behalf. Who is lobbying for black people? You better believe the LGBT, Jewish, corporations, and other communities have lobbyists fighting for them.


Depressed? Don’t be. Here are solutions we can all embrace immediately that would create a better America: 

  • A politician’s election should not be the “best” or “worst” day of our lives. Let’s depend on ourselves to accomplish our goals.
  • If possible, actively help every person that you see who is in need.
  • Volunteer locally to improve your communities and cities.
  • Love all Americans despite age, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, class, status, country of origin, etc.
  • Teach our children to always research and ask WHY, and be open minded to seek knowledge even outside of school.
  • Support local businesses to create a larger and stronger middle class for ourselves.
  • Show empathy and compassion for people even when we aren’t directly impacted by their situations.
  • Stop competing with each other and start cooperating with each other.
  • Treat every person that you meet with the same amount of love and respect that you give to the people that you love the most.
  • Stop looking at politicians as saviors; become the change/savior that you want to see in this world.
  • Let go of the belief that politicians control ever facet of your life; they don’t.
  • Take charge of things you have control over: lead your family, educate yourself in areas that can raise your income, and find daily solutions to any challenges that you face.
  • Begin organizing your community by sharing your own examples of success; we all have expertise in something, share yours!
  • Quit fearing “the worst” because as people we have already been through the “worst” countless times already. You are here because you are the descendant of survivors!
  • Treat others who are working through their own struggles with compassion and concern. Be able to see a piece of yourself in them and a piece of them in you, even if they don’t see what you see.
  • Worry less about being accepted or provided for, and begin building your future with a plan that works for you and your family.
  • Support anyone like you who is striving to make a way for themselves and their family, and ask for their support in return.
  • Treat the youth and the elders so well that the village begins to grow on its own.
  • Quit waiting on anyone to save you or help you, and take the power into your own hands. Begin by changing your own life, which begins by changing the way you think about life.
  • Attend to your mental, emotional, and physical health. If you feel broken you are of no help to anyone, including yourself. Make sure that you are well, and aren’t as reactive with strong emotions towards everything that happens in this world.
  • Study the kinds of books that teach these ideas and share them with anyone you can. You’ll find several at


Inside Donald Trump’s Ongoing Legal Battles — and Whether Any Could Stop Him from Becoming President


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