Happy New Year! (Well, kinda)

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate the new year in the middle of the winter, when everything is dead? Winter is a time of “death” because the Sun is at it’s lowest point (Winter Solstice), and snow, cold, and ice prevent vegetation from growing. The trees have no leaves, and animals are hibernating. Ancient cultures recognized the beginning of the new year with the Spring Equinox, which is typically March 20-21. Spring is a time of new life, when flowers and plants bloom, grass grows, animals no longer hibernate, and the Sun is ascending towards higher peaks. Spring means to come forth, to sprout up, to come up, or out.


If you pay attention to astrology signs, Aries is usually the first sign of the zodiac. Why? Aries begins on March 21st. If January was really the beginning of a new year, then Capricorn should be first. Also, look at the names of September, October, November, December. Sept means 7 (as in, “Septet”), Oct means 8 (as in, “Octet”), Nov means 9 (as in, “Novena”), Dec means 10 (as in, “Decade or Decathlon”).


Based on this, the second month of the lunar and astrological calendar is April.
The third month is May.
The fourth month is June.
The fifth month is July.
The sixth month is August.
The seventh month is September.
The eighth month is October.
The ninth month is November.
The tenth month is December.
The eleventh month is January.
The twelfth month is February.
At one time, there was even a thirteenth month, and some native cultures and tribes still recognize it. All thirteen months contained 28 days, and the 13 also was symbolic for an ancient Goddess.


Life is quite interesting when you discover the origins of things!

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