Why Grand Juries FAIL to Indict Police

Wondering why Grand Juries keep failing to indict police in high profile cases? Grand Jury presentations are ex parte, which means one-sided. Only one side is presented to the Grand Jury, the defense can do nothing to defend, cross-examine, or respond to what the prosecutor chooses to present to that jury. The defendant can choose to testify, but even then their attorney can’t speak for them. The entire grand jury presentation is orchestrated by the prosecutor. They decide on evidence, witnesses, and how things are presented. Grand Jury proceedings are often done in secrecy and the jurors aren’t allowed to discuss their reasoning afterwards as in criminal trials. The bottom line is, a prosecutor will get an indictment if they want one. If a prosecutor urges the Grandy Jury for no charges (as in the Tamir Rice case), well, you most likely won’t get any charges. In addition, prosecutors work with police often to indict criminals, and are likely afraid to upset their local police colleagues. There is a big risk in upsetting their local police union, which apparently outweighs the importance of doing what’s right by a wrongfully killed black person. Of course, they’ll also tell you to remain peaceful afterwards!
NYC Attorney and former Prosecutor explains why Grand Juries are a fraud


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Why Grand Juries Fail to Indict in African American Cases


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