Why Black Lives Don’t Matter

robert lewis dear mugshot

Robert Lewis Dear mugshot

dylan roof

Dylan Roof mugshot

So a Colorado gunman opens fire and shoots FIVE COPS, several civilians (11 total people were shot), kills 3 people and is taken into custody ALIVE.

Yet 12 y/o Tamir Rice was killed in less than a second for pointing a toy gun in a park. John Crawford was killed for holding and examining a BB gun in Walmart. Unarmed Levar Jones was shot during a traffic stop by SC trooper for reaching for his license. Unarmed Sam Dubose was shot in the head by a Univ. of Cincinnati cop during a traffic stop. Unarmed Walter Scott was killed by a SC cop running from a traffic stop. 17 y/o Laquan McDonald was walking away from police possibly holding a knife and shot 16 times. Eric Garner was choked to death for selling cigarettes, yet this guy gets taken alive. Dylan Roof gets taken alive. The polarity of how we’re treated in less threatening circumstances is beyond appalling.

Jason Van Dyke has been charged with 1st degree murder for executing 17 year old Laquan McDonald on video. However, there were many other cops present who did nothing. There were cops who assisted in erasing the Burger King surveillance video. The Chicago City Council viewed the dashcam footage and quietly agreed to pay the family a $5M settlement. Mayor Rahm Emanuel signed off on the payment and obviously saw the video. The District Attorney refused to charge Van Dyke until a Judge ordered the dash video to be released, which drew public pressure.

These are systematic issues that continue to plague our communities. Everyone involved in this cover-up are only slightly less evil than the cop who unloaded 16 bullets into a kid who was not a threat to any of them. This illustrates the importance of LOCAL ELECTIONS- who are your local prosecutors, judges, district attorneys, and city council members? They directly impact your life and can hold your local police accountable. Cook County prosecutor Anita Alvarez did not need an ENTIRE YEAR to decide whether to charge Van Dyke. I don’t think there have been an influx of police brutality related incidents in the past year, I just think the presence of dash cams, body cams, Freedom of Information Act requests, and viral social media marketing has brought it all to light. This can’t be ignored, even if we are sympathetic to the tough job that most good police officers do. I’m friends with several.

These are just a few examples why black lives clearly are not valued in a land plagued by White Supremacy and White Privilege. Honest dialogue and actions are the only way to begin to fix this.


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