So you Think Serial Killers will care if Guns are illegal?


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Part of the reason The Second Amendment was so important to the forefathers of the United States wasn’t simply because of their love for deer hunting with rifles. It was an important barrier put in place to give citizens the right to form citizen militias as a final level of protection against tyranny.

Legislation for gun control is not about getting guns out of the hands of serial killers, school shooting murderers, gang members, and other undesirable criminals. It never has been. Since when do criminals pay attention to the law anyway? Murder has always been illegal, and that hasn’t stopped people from committing it. Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroine, Methamphetamine, and other drugs are illegal (except marijuana in select places) yet that hasn’t stopped immense smuggling or production activity from cartels, mobs, and organized crime outfits to supply the huge market of drug users that continues to persist in America. In fact, a study from the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that in 2013 24.6 million Americans age 12 or older used an illicit drug in the previous month. That’s approximately 10% of the population. Of those users, approximately 19.8 million of them used marijuana as their drug of choice in the previous month.

Regardless of laws, there will always be outliers who refuse to be law abiding and will continue to do as they please. So, one of the results of harsh anti-drug legislation (particularly against marijuana) is the United States having the highest incarceration rate in the world! (Source: The Prison Policy Initiative).

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Seriously. That isn’t normal for a nation without large-scale, internal conflict who has not experienced a civil war in nearly a century and a half. Additionally, our homicide rate is at it’s lowest percentage since the 1950’s! Most other nations with high incarceration rates have significant internal turmoil we can’t even relate to; and our incarceration rate of 716 people per 100k residents still outranks everyone. In fact, if every state in America was viewed as a country in the world, 36 of our states plus the District of Columbia would rank higher than every other country in the world for its incarceration rate before the next highest country, Cuba, finally makes the list. Here’s the kicker: over 50% of all incarcerated inmates have non-violent drug offenses! (Source: Common Sense for Drug Policy).

Connecting the dots, enacting gun control legislation that makes gun ownership illegal in an attempt to prevent school shootings is faulty logic. As evidenced in numerous ways, the outlying criminals will still get the guns illegally and continue shooting up schools if that is their desire. The larger consequence of such legislation will be the mass incarceration of more U.S. Citizens for illegally possessing firearms, regardless of their reasons. This will only support the Private Prison Industrial Complex, which is highly profitable for companies who are contractually guaranteed 80-90%+ prison occupancies. It will also expand a prison workforce that produces products for companies for pennies on the dime. Think about it: Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation yet they continually experience dreadful gun violence weekly. Most of those violent offenders are not purchasing their guns legally. Banning guns will also create a scary black market that will be insanely profitable. The failed prohibition on alcohol in the 1920’s-30’s catapulted organized crime in our nation and created a dark underworld that remains to this day. What will a firearm black market create? Citizens are already frustrated with police brutality and many are concerned about their safety and national security if the U.S. is invaded for a future terrorist attack. Imagine a world where the only people with guns are terrorists, police, criminals, and the government. You’re the one who will be in the most danger. Is that what you want?

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In my next post, I’ll post better alternatives to preventing school shootings.


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  1. Oh and the prohibition of murder created a market of hitmans, so we need to legalize murder in order to destroy with that market. LOL The problem is not market, is the drug use. Cops combat meth because it destroy with youngsters lifes, not because they want tiranny or less social security. There is really no comparition.
    And you should combat drugs proliferation because youngsters that use drugs are ingenous and innocent people, different of people that commits aggression.


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