The Subconscious Praise of Man

Contributing Writer:  Jelani I.

The Gender
“Subconscious Praise of Man”

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Before birth, we hear prayers from our mothers giving praise to God for the beautiful child as she humbly awaits her/his arrival.  Countless times, we hear prayers from family members giving thanks to the almighty God.  By my personal estimate, at least 90% of us pray to a divine power that rules over us and that God is a man. Why?!

The most influential religions today have a male deity or two in place that rules over our spiritual lives. Every time you pray, you give thanks to the almighty (male) God in your life. Why is that?  The transfer of gender deity is placed throughout religious texts while simultaneously belittling the woman’s roles and her level of godship.  In today’s society, men rule.  In the words of James Brown…THIS IS A MAN’S WORLD!  Have you ever asked yourself why?

“HE has done so much for me.  Ain’t HE good.  HE is always on time.  HE is an on time God…yes HE is.  HE saved me!  I wouldn’t be nothing without HIM!”

Why is it that we give all the credit in the world to man when we are all born from a woman?  Our first teacher, our nurturer, our “God” before the teaching of spiritual beliefs.  Through teachings and society, the woman sadly relinquishes her power.  The rule of man religiously and economically was not by chance, but by design.  Why are we taught to disregard the woman’s divinity and place all faith in man?  In  biblical text (Gen. 1:26) the Bible says: “ Let US make man in our image, after our likeness.”  From there, the male God of the Bible places man over all dominion and in a few more verses, places man in rule over the woman.  Fast forward a few chapters to Genesis 3:16, where God cursed Eve to be under the rule of Adam.  When God cursed her to be under man as a result of her defiance, then is it safe to say she was never under the rule of man before partaking in the Tree of Knowledge? 😏

Moving along to Genesis 5:1-2, it explains the day God made man and it says:

“This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; Male and Female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”

Through this verse the them, their, male & female, and Adam are all plural.  By the book, no God did not make two men because it says male and female.  Here we have two genders and both under the same name, Adam. If God said “Let US make…” and in that day he made them both male and female, is that saying there is a God of the feminine nature?  It seems so.

Man’s divinity is not on trial here nor is woman’s rightful royalty and equality of Godship, but rather the concept of God in its entirety.  If there are trees, rocks, gold, oil, fruit, mountains, water, land animals, sea animals, insects, and etc., why do we think we are the “apple of God’s eye?”  What makes us so special?  Because a book tells us we were made in God’s image?  Or would it be the Sumerian Tablets that speak of beings from another dimension that simply made man to work for the wealth of the land, GOLD. Or, do we contribute the evolution aspect of science and assume that no other beings went through the process as we did?

What makes us think that man created all of this, when only the wombman can give life?

The fact that we are in the physical 3D form, we’ve always made attempts to conform the spiritual realm into the physical for better understanding.  We as humans are body, soul, and spirit.  We are spirit first, then the soul brings forth the body.  If we understand or have been taught that God is spirit, why and how can we make spirit male or female?  The reason we are either male or female is because of the reproductive organs we have at birth.  So why is the divine always put in the physical realm as man.  Does our spirit leave our bodies with organs? Does God have organs or is God simply a spirit?

The transfer of deity subconsciously is a very dangerous thing and it is within most of us.  We look outside of ourselves for divinity when it is already within.  We teach our children to be strong and not to depend on anyone.  Then we tie them to religions that teaches them that their spirit it is not enough on its own.  The strongest part of us we mislead into thinking its not enough.  If your God is a specific gender then you will look at that same gender on earth for you’re salvation.

I have a few questions. You can answer with a comment or simply to yourself…ready? Go!

What is your name?
What is your gender?
What makes you female or male?
Aren’t we given those organs simply for reproduction?
Do you have a spirit?
Does your spirit form have the physical organs to classify it as male or female?
Why would a spirit need organs to specify gender?
Can spirits mate with another & reproduce?
Do you believe in God?
Is God spirit?
Does God possess the physical organs to classify its spirit form as a male or female?
So why say HE is so good?

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