Actor Wendell Pierce stuns Bill Maher: Explains how white people taught us violence


Actor Wendell Pierce isn’t just a man who wants to be on TV.  He actually happens to be a great actor who wants to make a difference in the world.  Pierce has been quite active in his hometown of New Orleans, bringing projects, money and opportunity to his city, especially after it was devastated during Hurricane Katrina.

Pierce was recently invited as a guest on the Bill Maher Show and knocked the socks off the other guests with his analysis of violence in the black community.  This week, black men have been the face of violence, with several high-profile domestic violence incidents occurring that have involved NFL players.

In his chance to speak on the show, Pierce is having none of the stereotypes.  In clear and strong language, Pierce says that whites were the ones who taught black people to be violent.  He discusses the Tuskegee experiments, the violence committed on Native Americans and other examples, as evidence that whites were the ones who set up the original track record on violence in America.

You can see Bill Maher squirming in his seat and actually getting nervous after hearing what Pierce had to say.  The clip has now gone viral.  Check it out:


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