Respect: We Stand with Shaun King

shaun king

I am so disappointed yet not surprised that a good brother I knew from Morehouse College is being unfairly targeted in the media. Yesterday Shaun King was the #1 Trending Topic in the country! Not for all of the positive community outreach, fundraisers, non-profits, and positive actions he has LED as long as I’ve known him, but because his opponents are desperately attempting to find ANYTHING they can to discredit his work. He’s being attacked by everyone from Rush Limbaugh, Don Lemon, to several other prejudice bloggers or media personnel. If you don’t know who Shaun is, follow his Twitter and FB pages: he will teach you some things.

Shaun is a a genuine and stand up guy, and a PHENOMENAL leader. Anyone who went to Morehouse during my era will remember his leadership and the legacy he left on that campus. He heavily influenced me as a Freshman, and made me so happy I chose Morehouse. He was an SGA President who launched legendary oratorical masterpieces during Crown Forums. He launched Courageous Church in Atlanta and led it for many years. He delivered the eulogy at one of my best friend Napoleon’s funeral. He’s overcome incredible obstacles and circumstances, remaining steadfast on his mission. If you know him, you know what he’s done in the community. Frankly, this happens to anyone who dares to be a leader for Black progress.

“The first thing the enemy tries to do is isolate revolutionaries from the people, making us horrible & hideous monsters so that our people will hate us.” Assata Shakur

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