Hannibal Buress & Bill Cosby

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Contributing Writer: Eric Jonathan Brewer

Hannibal Buress got his reward for the role he played in bringing down Bill Cosby. It’s a brand new television show called, “Why?” It just premiered on Comedy Central. The only reason I know is because I was out socializing and the show was on one of the televisions. Normally, I’d be cheering for a new show being hosted by a black comedian, but I watched Buress’ show with a bit of disgust for a few minutes and then walked way. I didn’t want to support anything with which he was involved. Fuck him.

This guy defamed one of my television, film, and business heroes by calling him a rapist in a comedy gag. Cosby’s never been charged with or convicted of rape. Buress’ gag opened the door to a series of unproven “rape” allegations from alleged victims who didn’t go to the police when they claimed it happened, but who decided to run to the media 10 to 40 years later. Cosby’s image, esteem and career has been tumbling ever since as Buress’ television career has grown. I don’t believe Buress intended for his career to improve at Cosby’s expense, but it has improved from the added visibility he got from the scandal.

One of my FB friends described Buress as a “brilliant” comedian. He might be, but I’ll never know because I’ll never watch his show. Every time I see him I’ll think about Cosby and what’s happening to him. It’s a damn shame that a person who’s never been convicted of a crime can be made to look guilty and lose so much based only on unproven allegations.

I’m not insensitive to the claims being made against Cosby. I’d just have more faith in them if they’d been made at the time the alleged incidents occurred. 30 year old allegations leave nothing for the observer to do but weigh one side’s word against the other. I don’t know Cosby’s accusers or have any opinion of their credibility. I know Cosby, at least by his public deeds. I doubt in his entire career that Buress will ever make black America as proud or contribute as much as Cosby. For the respect I’ve long held for Cosby, I’m willing to give him the benefit of doubt until he confesses or an allegation is proved.

Unlike the majority of people who’ll have an opinion about my continued support for Cosby, I read the records Andrea Constand’s attorney, Dolores Troiani, got the Philadelphia judge to release. So if all you’re coming back with are the headlines you’ve been reading from reporters who didn’t read all the released records, then save that emotionally-reactive bullshit for your own page. Follow the link and read the records before you open your mouth. http://heavy.com/…/bill-cosby-documents-sexual-assault-law…/

The way I read the facts it appears as if Cosby got 7 prescriptions for Quaaludes to give to women who wanted to fuck him. Celebrities of Cosby’s stature never have to beg for pussy. I’ve been backstage at lots of events with major celebrities. Groupies are everywhere. I’ve even had my own.

Quaaludes when mine and Cosby’s generations were younger was like ecstasy. People used it to fuck. It was a party drug and aphrodisiac. I don’t remember anyone using it as a date rape drug like alcohol or rohypnol. Keeping Quaaludes for some was like smoking a joint before sex. It unleashed your inhibitions. I only smoked weed. I was never into pills.

We tested soldiers from 13 states at Brooks Air Force Base for Methaqualone (the medical name for Quaaludes) where I worked in the drug testing section of the epidemiology department during the 1970’s. It was that widespread.

Cosby never confessed to giving Quaaludes to anyone and his “intent” for the drug has been twisted by Constand’s attorney and the media. Writers have manipulated headlines and passages from the court documents to create the illusion that Cosby bought Quaaludes to support Constand’s lawyer’s “theory” that he “intended” to use the pills to drug women into unconsciousness instead of giving them to women who wanted them as an aphrodisiac. He has only admitted to buying them “for a woman.” He at first used the word “women” and then changed it from plural to singular during his deposition. He didn’t even say – at least from what’s been shared publicly – that he filled the prescriptions.

He did admit to giving Constand a capsule and a half of Benadryl when she showed up at his house when his wife wasn’t home and asked if he had anything to relax her. He’s said the sex was consensual.

From what I’ve read, Buress’ new show didn’t get off to a great start. Good. I think a lot of people are quietly pissed about how Cosby’s being treated by the media, and won’t share publicly what I’m sharing now.

Cosby’s been a great public figure and ground breaking contributor to blacks in television and film. Every show he was on I watched. We saw his career as opening the door for blacks in film and television to play respectable and equal roles. Some may have no idea how proud he made millions of black people, and how good he made black people look.

Cosby’s worth $400 million and once had a deal to buy NBC. White supremacists didn’t want a black man having that much power over masses of Americans. Millions of us have no doubt a Cosby-owned NBC would have created an empowering influence on black America.

As someone who’s tried stand-up comedy, I know there are millions of ways a writer can write and deliver a gag. You pick and choose from among those gags that get laughs. Some you decide to leave out, even if they do get a laugh.

The only thing Buress’ routine about Cosby proved to me is that he was willing to say “ANYTHING” for a laugh and he chose this topic, which to me – in its aftermath – isn’t funny. He has no proof that Cosby is a “rapist.”

I’d never heard of Buress until he dogged Cosby. His journey back to obscurity in my opinion is guaranteed. I’m predicting Buress’ career will be short-lived once “they’ve” finished using him.


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