Is the NBA fixed/rigged? You be the Judge!

I’ve always enjoyed sports, and have particularly strong passion for basketball and the NBA. Other sports come next in line after that, such as College Football and Tennis. For today’s post however, we’re going to stick with the NBA. Growing up, my friends and I used to joke at certain times about certain NBA games being fixed or unfair due to “blown” referee calls. I remember finding it extremely odd and ironic that in 2012, when the NBA actually owned the New Orleans Hornets and were in the process of selling the team to Tom Benson ($338M) they magically got the #1 Draft Pick in the 2012 draft lottery! We were like, really?! What a way to guarantee higher value and get the fans excited to sell tickets once the new owner is installed. Guarantee them the ability to bring in the best athlete of that draft class (Anthony Davis was their selection, a fantastic choice). Technically, they did have the highest odds to win the draft lottery (25%) but ironically the team with the highest odds usually doesn’t win.

Anyhow, I watched a show on TV recently titled: “(Dis)Honest: The Truth About Lies” Directed by Yael Melamede. It featured a psychologist who discussed reasons why people lie, and how it is reflected in your brain. That was all fairly interesting, but the real kicker was when they did a segment featuring Tim Donaghy! If you don’t remember this guy, he is the “disgraced” referee who served 15 months in Federal Prison for gambling on NBA games. His circle of associates betting on games actually grew large enough to include the Gambino Crime Family. Check out a clip:

If you Google Tim Donaghy’s name or do related searches on Youtube for his name and/or the rigging/fixing of NBA games (and other leagues for that matter) lots of interesting material surfaces. Here is one particular video clip I found interesting (warning, one small segment of it has disturbing language):

He also wrote a book that I plan to pickup and read:



There are specific games that I personally remember being upset about as a fan, and he goes into detail why certain calls were “blown” and why certain players are favored. As with everything else in the world, it always boils down to money and greed!!!! If this is true for the NBA, obviously, the MLB, NFL, FIFA, and other collegiate sports could also be examined as well.

What are your thoughts?


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