Exploring the Vegetarian Lifestyle

I’ve come across some fascinating information and recognize the importance of sharing this while I simultaneously do additional research. I welcome feedback from anyone who is further along on the journey of clean/healthy eating. Posts were written by T.V.C.O. and Kimo.


• Kemetic Diet: Ancient African Wisdom for Health of Mind, Body and Spirit” by Dr. Muata Ashby . The Real “Soul” Food! There is nothing soulful about dead flesh. Positivity starts with the food you put in your body. The biology of Aboriginal people is very complex and demands positive treatment. In order for endocrine hormones to act, the cells must be living, like in plants and plant food. Basically, the dead cells of meat attack your endocrine system; most notably: the PinealGland, Pituitary Gland and Hypotholamus Gland.
The ancient Kemetic Vegetarian Diet
• After a study of 45 mummies, it was determined that the ancient Kemites were mostly Vegetarian. Their diet mostly consisted of wheat and barley, bread and cereals, along with fruits and vegetables of course. Despite practicing fishing, this was very uncommon and rarely in their diet. The “Elber’s payrus” and several others from words of Tehuti/Thoth, Sekhmet and the polymath, Imhotep, also show their knowledge and practice of natural and herbal healing, stating in Elber’s that “you will resort to the sacred medication of plants.” (Including Cannabis, which was widely cultivated) Many Greek physicians, who learned from Kemites, including Hippocrates and Herodotus, referred to the ancient Kemites as “the healthiest race in the world.”
• Meat was mostly eaten by Nomadic tribes, and was popularized as a recent trend in settled populations due to Europeans breeding domestic animals for cultivation. The physiology of Aboriginal peoples are not made for meat consumption.


•  When people tell me I need meat for protein, I already know better. Albert Beckles is pure motivation! Black people are not utilizing meat based protein because it is already complete. Our DNA wants to structure amino acids into usable proteins. “Knowing thyself” includes biology, because our genes are not the same as everyone else’s. We don’t have the enzymes to deal with it, otherwise we could eat raw meat like the Europeans.

•  Meat protein is already complete because the organism you ate has amino acids that already structured it into a complete protein. Most people talking about protein don’t even know how much we need and when comparisons/charts of plant protein versus meat protein occur, people attempt to argue that meat still has more. You would be hard pressed to learn that from a doctor or an institution that has unbiased field study experience.


www.AMAHealth.org Support Black Business!

All “Black” people need to hit up this site to stop destroying ourselves. Why?
1) Physiology is not exclusive to the Eurocentric display. We are much different.
2) Meat is destroying our brain (Endocrine system), destroying our body and destroying our spirit.
Description:  “Aboriginal Medical Association has rediscovered the original diet for Indigenous peoples.  It is based solely on the Indigenous bio-chemistry and genetics, which has, at its source, Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, promoting carboxylic acids, as opposed to amino acids, as the primary cellular and tissue building blocks.  As such, we have categorized different diet types, and classified them according to their respective degrees of variance from our ‘Aboriginal Standard’.”

You also NEED to research Dr. Sebi, Minister EnQi, and Dr. Africa. Positive energy starts with the food we put in our bodies and how we stay healthy. You dont have to be skinny, you dont have to feel fat, you dont have to eat tofu . You just have to change your mind.


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