The N Word: Where It REALLY Came From

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Most people are stuck in the English corruption of words we already used, like Negro, Nigga, and Nigger. So look here:
N-g-r (Kemetic; “net-ger”) = God/King
N-g-a (Kemetic; “ne-ga”) = Goddess/Queen
Negash (Ethiopian) = King
Negus (Ethiopian) = Royalty, Emperor, Black/Afrikan King, Ruler of Ethiopia. (ex: Negus Haile Sellasie I)
Naga (East Indian; Nubian) = A group of serpent deities in Kemetic, Hindu, and Buddhist mythology; Serpent Wisdom. “Ngr” was corrupted by Europeans.
Niger (Latin) = Black/Afrikan
Nero (Italian) = Black
Negre (French) = Black
Negro (Spanish) = Black


The English called Blacks “Moore” or “Black-a-Moore”, meaning Black Moors (Moor does not mean black; future post), before they began using the word “Negro” to refer to Africans. From that came “Nigger,” the racial epithet, and the semantic modification, “Nigga.”
Niger = River/Nation in West Afrika; this word Niger also meant King to the Ibo people.
Nigeria = Nation in West Afrika; this word Nigeria also meant Queen to the Ibo people.
People also think that Khemet means black land in reference to the people; incorrect. We never called ourselves black. Khemet meaning “black land” refers to the black alluvial soil of the Nile Valley. Now to conclude, I’m sure a lot of people are thinking: does this mean anyone can say nigga or nigger or negro? We’re about 500-600 years and over 195 million dead black people too late for that. This one’s for my people.

By: Brother Tarik



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