South Carolina Trooper SHOOTS Unarmed Black Man

Another unarmed black man has been shot by the police. Thankfully, Mr. Jones survived and the police officer in question was fired and is facing a potential 20 year sentence. These incidents continue to occur on a regular basis, and painfully illustrate the fear and/or prejudice towards minorities. The question people should ask themselves is, why are black men and women so menacing and threatening, even if they are unarmed, handcuffed, walking alone, hands in the air, etc.?? I’m reminded of a quote by El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X):


I’m often disgusted at the constant negative portrayal of black culture on television, music, and other forms of media. Our images are broadcast to the world in a negative light much of the time, and many of us definitely share some of the blame. Anyway, here is the full video of the incident with audio:

Click here for the rest of the Full Story.

This is obviously disturbing. It particularly bothers me because I’ve been in this exact situation before. I had an officer pull a gun on me once after he asked me for my wallet, and I was reaching for my wallet. Thankfully, he didn’t fire prematurely on me. To show the other side of the table, a young Caucasian man high on mushrooms caused a disturbance at City Hall in Beaverton, OR. Jared Leone, 18, panicked at one point and took a swing at one officer. Another officer tried to subdue Leone. The teen managed to grab one officer’s gun, and he fired a shot into the wall, police said. “During this struggle he was tazed seven times and it didn’t have an effect on him,” said Sgt. Jim Shumway. According to police, Leone and some male friends took some mushrooms earlier that day. The teen was so high that he actually broke some metal handcuffs. It took nine police officers to control him. He has been charged with assaulting an officer, unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest. Thankfully, the officers were able to take Jared in without killing him. Sadly, many black men have been killed for doing far less than Jared did.


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