10 Reasons Why People Get OUTRAGED When Someone is KILLED by Police



With the violent murders of Eric Garner, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, and most recently Mike Brown by Police, many people are upset across the entire nation and the world. Below are 10 reasons why Police violence is so upsetting:

  1. Black people are taxpayers. It’s particularly evil to be killed by a person you paid to protect you.
  2. Our living relatives, parents, uncles, grandparents, etc. had water hoses and dogs released on them by POLICE and tried to forgive.
  3. The fundamental mission of police across our country is to “Protect and Serve.” When even one unarmed citizen is killed, it crushes the mission.
  4. When a citizen kills a citizen, justice is possible. When a police officer kills a black American, it feels almost impossible.
  5. Police violence and misconduct is particularly frightening because it’s a type of violence that you are virtually forbidden to defend against.
  6. Black people feel like we’ve advanced in this society, and police violence has a way of making you feel like it’s a big mirage.
  7. Think about this one- when a thug kills your son, you call 911 and the police show up, and you file a report. When the police kill your son, nothing.
  8. Police violence is corrosive and has a downstream effect which causes people to have zero trust in police even when they kind of need it.
  9. Police violence in one city has a way of striking fear of police in you no matter where you go. This is psychologically damaging in a real way.
  10. It’s easy to minimize the threat, pain, and despair of police violence, murder, and terrorism when you aren’t a regular recipient of it. 

These reasons were created and publicized by Shaun King, Founder & CEO of Life Goals University and CEO of HopeMob. Life Goals University is Shaun’s platform to release a book, titled “100 Life Goals.” HopeMob is a crowd funding platform that allows strangers to unite, put aside differences, and help each other with their respective goals to BE THE CHANGE for real people, one story at a time. Shaun created and launched a petition that among many things, would mandate that all police officers carry front facing cameras at all times. The petition has received 205,000 signatures within the first week, and continues to grow. To sign and show your support, click here.


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