Illegal Immigration – Part II

4 years ago, I wrote a blog about illegal immigration – specifically, the Arizona Immigration law that was being considered. In case you haven’t seen it or need a refresher, you can check it out here. It’s funny how in time our views and understanding of things can change. As I think back on this issue, my perspective on it is completely different. What we may term “illegal immigration” is still a problem, in the sense that we lose tax revenue for these people that is needed for healthcare, education, and other government related expenses. However, can’t we just issue “illegal” immigrants (I use the term “illegal” due to the lack of a better term, and I acknowledge that the term is offensive to some people; for that I apologize) a special type of license that contains an identification number? We could use this so that we are still able to realize their tax revenues with the jobs that they work. Isn’t there a way to compromise on this so that tax revenues are still generated from people who come to America? To think otherwise doesn’t quite make sense.

My change in perspective on this comes from examining history. The very states where people are migrating into America from Mexico historically used to be Mexican soil. The U.S. engaged in the Invasion of Mexico during the Mexican-American War (1846-48) and forced the annexation of Alta California, New Mexico, and Texas.



If we go back further than that, we can see that America belonged to several tribes belonging to the American Indians (or Native Americans, depending on your preference). The Europeans came to America and simply took over this land by any means necessary…

indian nation - native americans

My only point here is it’s not like this land always “belonged” to “us” anyway. It’s not like “we” didn’t come across the borders ourselves and take the land forcibly. Who are the real “illegal” immigrants? Today’s congressmen and citizens who make statements like close the border or let’s take our country back act as if Americans have always inhabited this land since the beginning of modern civilization. Conveniently forgetting the atrocities that took place to acquire it not long ago. Not to mention the atrocities that took place to develop the land.  Would the same concerns about immigration exist if the bordering country was Caucasian in ethnicity? Are there similar concerns with the Canadian border? (Just questions to ponder). I suspect that the real concern over immigration are the fast changing racial dynamics in America. As of now, Caucasians are no longer the majority race in children under 6 years of age. Do you think this growing reality is a concern to anyone? Is border control a disguised form of racism?

illegal immigration2


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