Donald Sterling – Racist owner of Los Angeles Clippers (NBA Team)

I’m very disturbed by this video. This is Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s upset that his girlfriend (who is mixed black and Mexican) took a picture with Magic Johnson. He is quoted as saying: “You’re an enemy to me.” “Don’t bring them to my games.” “Don’t bring Magic to my games.” “I’m living in a culture. And I have to live within the culture. And that’s the way it is.” “Yeah it bothers me a lot that you want to…broadcast that you’re associating with black people.”

This is a guy who has made a fortune off of the backs of minority athletes on the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA, and who profits from minorities who purchase tickets, concessions, and items at his arena and games. He calls minorities the enemy. See, I’m passionate about battling injustice and pushing for equality because I know that this is not a “one off” situation. This mentality still exists across society! There needs to be a boycott of LA Clippers games until the NBA takes action against this owner (preferably a removal). If nothing happens, there needs to be a boycott against supporting the NBA too. Actions must have consequences that impact someone’s pockets before there is change!



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