Happy New Year! TRUTH about our so-called “New Year”


Now, many or most of us think or may think January 1st is the beginning of the New Year. How do we know this? Because this is what we were told. It doesn’t matter who told us, because after all, we believe it without proof and have probably done so our whole life (most of us, that is). But “Naturalists” disagree with January 1st being the beginning of the New Year. Why? because the New Year is in the Spring season and officially begins on March 21st (some acknowledge it on March 25th).

The first month of the year is March (March 21st to be exact) – the first day of Spring. Now why would the so-called “deviants” acknowledge New Year on the first day of Spring? Because they were wise enough to know that Spring was and is a time of new life and beginnings, a time of resurrection from the death of Winter (snow, coldness, ice, etc. where nothing grows and is therefore dead). Spring means to come forth, to sprout up, to come up or out. Isn’t this what the plants and flowers do in Spring? The European pagans also had sex orgies during this time to produce “off-spring” (children).

Moving right along, the second month of the lunar and astrological calendar is April.

The third month is May.

The fourth month is June.

The fifth month is July.

The sixth month is August.

The seventh month is September.

The eighth month is October.

The ninth month is November.

The tenth month is December.

The eleventh month is January.

The twelfth month is February.

It has been sometime since we had or acknowledged the lost or hidden thirteenth month. A few Native American tribes still have and acknowledge the 13th month by name.

The lunar (moon) calendar consisted of 13 months consisting of 28 days. 13 is the sacred number of the Goddess, which is why it has an evil and “bad luck” connotation (i.e. Friday the 13th; remember, Friday is the only day of the week named in honor of a woman or goddess; clear hatred and misunderstanding of the woman by the European male).

It is no coincidence that Muslims worship on Friday, the only day of the week named and dedicated to a goddess (Frigga or Freya, hence, “Friggs-day” or “Frey’s Day”, which is our “Fri-day).” Freya is the Western version of Kore, the Arabian goddess of Islam (who really wrote the Koran, “the Book of Kore”). Kore’s color was “green,” the color of vegetation. That’s why the covers of most Korans (or Qur’ans ) are always green. The Black stone (pearl) in the Kabah (the house of Kore) that Muslims travel from all across the world to kiss is the yoni (or vagina) of the goddess Kore, who had three major feminine attributes – Allat (from where we get the masculine “Allah” from), Al-Uzza, and Al-manut. These names are mentioned in the Qu’ran (Koran) at Surah 53:19-20.

Now to expose the mystery or secret why the months of September, October, November, and December are not named in honor of Western/European pagan gods and/or goddesses.

What does “Sept” mean? It means: SEVEN. How do we know? What is a “septet”? Is it not “seven” musicians? What is a “septuagenarian”? Is it not a person in his/her “seventies”? The prefix “sept” means “seven” in Latin.

What does “Oct” mean? It means: EIGHT! How do we know? How many legs does an “octopus” have? Eight! What is an “octet”? Is it not eight musicians? The prefix “oct” means “eight” in Latin. So Nature tells us that October is really the eighth month, but somebody got you believing and thinking it’s the TENTH month. I wonder why? Oct means EIGHT, not TEN!

What does “Nov” mean? It means: NINE! How do we know? How many days does the Roman celebration “Novena” last? Does it not last nine days? The prefix “nov” means NINE! But somebody got you thinking and believing that November is the ELEVENTH month. Nov means NINE, not ELEVEN!

What does “Dec” mean? It means TEN! How do we know? How many years make a decade? Does not ten years make a decade? What is a decathlon? Is it not ten sporting events? The prefix “dec” or “dece” means TEN! December is the TENTH month, not the TWELFTH month. DEC or DECE means TEN, not TWELVE!

January is the 11th month.

February is the 12th month.


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  1. Yes, and I think there were 10 months with “Quintilis” (5) before they changed it to “July” for Julius Caesar; and “Sextilis” (6) before they changed it to “August” for Augustus Ceasar, then they later added January and and February.


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