Who really killed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Stories like this are the reason I tend to believe there is possible “truth” in what other people may consider to be a “conspiracy theory.” There are plenty of examples in history where the truth has been hidden if you do your research. Anyway, in a 1999 civil suit between the King Family and several conspirators that included government agencies (“Coretta Scott King, et al. VS. Loyd Jowers, et al”) a memphis jury found that Loyd Jowers and several government agencies conspired to assissinate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

James Early Ray was convicted of Dr. King’s murder in 1969 and convicted to 99 years in prison. He died in 1998 while in prison. According to the report, Ray was convinced by his government appointed attorney to sign a guilty confession, which would avoid trial and a possible death sentence by the electric chair. 3 days later he tried to recant his confession, to no avail. He sought a new trial for the rest of his life, unsuccessfully. The King family was also denied permission to conduct independent investigations for years, so no criminal trial ever took place regarding Dr. King’s murder.

According to the evidence of the trial, federal, state, and local Memphis government agencies were involved in the assassination, along with the news media. A memphis police officer named Earl Clark fired the fatal shot. (You can look him up). Apparently, he was even paid a reward for the shooting by the mafia. The reasons for the murder are laid out in extensive detail here on thekingcenter.org. What’s crazy to me is this case concluded in 1999; I just discovered it and it’s 2013! You should ask yourself why this was never publicized in the media, especially considering the immense coverage the OJ Simpson trial received in the mid 90’s for comparison. Dr. King was an immense figure and this trial (and the verdict) should have been on every major media outlet. My opinion is that the media is owned and only presents what it wants you to see, based on corporate interests. As the King family stated after the trial, I hope the history books are rewritten to relay the truth in what really happened.







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