Unarmed Teen Killed in Neighborhood Watch Shooting

Orlando, FL – this is the saddest story that I have seen in a long time. A 17 year old kid was visiting his father in a gated community in Orlando, Florida. While walking to the store, a neighbor called 911 and reported that he looked suspicious. While walking back to the store, the neighbor opened fire and shot him in the chest, killing him. The teen was unarmed and was holding a package of Skittles and drinking an Iced Tea. The neighbor, who was president of the neighborhood watch in the community, has not been arrested or charged with a crime. Clear example of how racism still exists in this country.


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3 replies

  1. This is so tragic. The second tragedy will be when law enforcement take the killer’s word that he was threatened and therefore was justified in using “self-defense”.


  2. This was indeed a tragic accident, but I think one that highlights the extreme need for more advanced firearms training in Concealed Carry License holders and civilians…nobody is above making tragic mistakes, even Law Enforcement, but the fact is the more you train, the better the odds that you give yourself for making the right decision when that fateful time comes.

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  3. We need some people to act out that night. Act out all different possible ways to have a good visual on what happen it could help show how over the top this guy acted why did he have a gun pointed at the kid one weapon two people one dead one free that doesn’t make any sense when the gun belonged to captain dewey so that means anybody can kill anyone without a weapon!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm???


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