McDonald’s – Opportunity or Insulting?

There was an interesting topic on V103 radio this morning and yesterday that serves as a good discussion point. McDonald’s is currently about to hire 50,000 people and is specifically looking to give an opportunity to youth (teens+) to begin their careers. Apparently, a lot of kids are turned off by the idea of working for McDonald’s and think that this is beneath them. Some people said that many McDonald’s and fast food restaurants are being filled with immigrants because today’s kids do not want to work. Some parents even called in saying that recommending kids to work at McDonald’s is bad advice.

People could work at McDonald’s and promote up into management and signficiantly improve their people skills and learn about management. There are people who did this and are now executives or who own multiple locations now and are entrepreneurs. To me, it seems like a lot of kids today don’t realize that many of the jobs that they used to take (working at Six Flags for instance) are now being taken by adult professionals who have been laid off or out of work. Also, many times your first job is like your first car; you don’t get the shiny Lexus right away (unless you’re rich). You may get an older buick first and later on you work your way up to the car you want. Aren’t careers similar? Your first job is never your dream job. Ask most people about their first jobs and many times we can all laugh about it but recall the important things that we learned. These types of experiences help us get where we are. My first real job was as a telemarketer where I sold credit cards via cold calling. It was a great starting point and I learned a lot.

Has this drive been lost? What do you think? It’s perplexing to have kids who have no work experience say that an entry level job is beneath them. This is especially true when they don’t have corporate internships or other options to fall back on. It’s one thing to have options but it’s another to not have any and still not be willing to do whatever you gotta do to move up.


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  1. It probably wouldn’t be as bad if the entire country (and possibly even planet) didn’t use McDonalds as the basis of every unemployment insult. No one ever has anything good to say about the company, its employees, or the act of working there. Its always, always used in some form of an insult.


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