Prisoners Learning Trades in Jail

Quick announcement: I truly believe that prisoners who are behind bars should be utilized for manual labor for the benefit of surrounding communities. I believe if you research the history of prisons, they were instituted with the idea of the prisoners doing work in this manner anyway. With so many budget shortfalls and labor needs (cleaning and picking up trash in public/common areas, mowing lawns and tall grasses, you get my drift) it seems sensible to utilize prisoners for inexpensive labor. The cities, counties and communities would benefit from the work; and the prisoners in turn would learn valuable trades. These trades could be transferred into a meaningful career for prisoners who are released and desire a “second chance” at life. Being a convicted felon already makes finding a decent job next to impossible for the rest of your life. Many ex prisoners legitimately desire the opportunity to change their lives and earn an honest living. BUT, if they are unable to find any type of employment and don’t posses a trade, many feel “forced” back into a life of crime.

Chesapeake Prison offers Vehicle and Rehabilitation

Inmates Learn a Trade from the Inside Out


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