Arizona Immigration Law – Fair or Unfair?

Illegal immigration has become a major issue in our country. In case you weren’t aware, illegal immigrants collectively costs us billions of dollars each year. In hosting the costs of education, health care, and incarceration for illegal immigrants, the state of California alone bears a cost of over $10.5 Billion every year (Click here for more info). Another study that was recently completed in Washington, DC by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates that immigration collectively costs Americans $113 Billion a year (Click here for more info).

As I understand it, the Arizona Immigration law’s primary effects are:

1. Makes not carrying immigration docs on you a crime (must legitimize presence on American soil)
2. Allows people to sue local government or agencies if they believe federal or immigration laws are not being enforced.

Note: Police demands of passports and related documents on subways, highways and other public places is very common in many other European countries, such as France.

Illegal immigration costs us tons of money. Our country has an immigration process in place for people to adhere to. It’s perfectly acceptable for anyone to travel here in order to attend school, work a job or career, or live a better life. However, I feel that the proper legal channels should be followed to do this. I think companies should be penalized financially for employing illegal immigrants, and schools should only accept students have have legitimate passports, student visas, exchange visitor visas, etc. It seems really unfair that American citizens would miss out on a spot into a school of higher education, or on a potential job as a result of someone else who has come into our country illegally. It forces me to ask the question, would this be possible in other countries if the tables were turned? I would venture to say no, it would not. (If I’m wrong, prove me wrong).

Hospitals have no choice but to help people in dire need due to medical emergencies, but it still is an unfair expense. However, this example ties more to our health insurance issue and is a different topic. Accordingly, although this is a sensitive and hot issue, I think Arizona’s immigration law is fair and should be put into place. It shouldn’t lead to discrimination and profiling, but it might. It’s not right, but discrimination and profiling occurs with other races of people already and likely already exists with the illegal immigrants in question as it is. Perhaps my opinion on this is because the “discrimination” aspect of it doesn’t affect me. But even if it affects you, you can’t ignore the fact that this is an issue that needs to be addressed. We carry our licenses and passports as citizens, what’s so bad about carrying your paperwork if you aren’t one? I carry my passport at all times when I’m in a foreign country, so to me this seems logical. The difference is, my ancestors did not come here by choice; they were kidnapped, enslaved and brought here against their will. Today’s illegal immigrants most often are coming here by choice. If you come here by choice, I think it’s best if you come while adhering to our rules.


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  1. Very well said Rick! We don’t always agree but this time you nailed it!!


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