Schools for Profit (And Not Education)

I found this great site about Westwood College. I worked here for nearly a year and ultimately decided to leave due to an integrity issue I had with the school. My job as an admissions counselor was to sell students on enrolling in a program that exceeded $70k in tuition that wasn’t accredited. It was truly sales and not “counseling” per se….120 dials a day, and mandatory enrollments per week. In the wake of a tough economy with many people looking to go back to school, I think it’s really unethical for these types of schools to prey on victims who unknowingly sign up for these types of programs. My personal opinion is that you should beware of any school that advertises on buses, trains, or television as the primary tool to recruit its students. Most reputable schools don’t need to do that. Anyhow, check out the below video and the page:
“Westwood College is an extremely expensive for-profit private institution that is not regionally accredited. Many promises and claims are made to sell students on enrolling that later turn out to be false. Westwood’s own Apex Loan is an 18% ‘consumer’ type loan that is unregulated. Many times students are unaware these loans exist and that they will have to pay them back after graduation or after dropping out. Information will be maintained here about a class action lawsuit against Westwood College and it’s parent company Alta Colleges.”


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  1. This is a travesty. I have a friend who is an admissions counselor for Westwood and she is very aggressive in recruiting students. I joke with her about her almost kidnapping students and bringing them in to Westwood. Some companies will do anything for a profit. These lawsuits are a part of their risk management plan. They have already allotted money to take care of them in their yearly budgets.


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