Garage Door Safety – Important!

I received this from the Phoenix police department and thought it was necessary to share. Technology is so wonderful; did you know it was possible to break into a home in less than 6 seconds through your garage door! Here is a testimony:

“Please look at your garage door; After our home inspection the inspector noted that our garage door had a dent in it. Rhys and I were in the garage last night talking about it and trying to figure out how it got a dent in it. Finally figured out someone tried to break in. Then I searched youtube and found the below video. Please watch it. I took the pull string off of ours and zip tied the lever up to the slider. Now you have to cut the zip tie in order to release the lever. Please pass on.

My solution: it looks like this would only work if your garage doors have windows on them. If your garage has windows to see through, you could just put the “ice” looking wax paper over them so that you can’t see through them. They sell this at Home Depot and Lowes. Either that or switch your garage door to one without windows. Then, the criminals can’t see exactly where the lever is to pull it down.


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