Hollywood Bull…

I’m getting sick of Hollywood perpetuating negative stereotypes of African Americans in movies. I’m also tired of notable black actors and actresses being rewarded for their roles in films with terrible plots or negative roles, as opposed to positive ones. Most recently, Mo’Nique won a Golden Globe and an Oscar (just the 5th black woman to win one) for her role in Precious. Precious is a movie about a young girl who is being sexually molested by her father, and actually bears two children by her father. Mo’Nique plays the mother, who goes along with this, beats her daughter and also sexually molests her. The movie sounds so horrible that I don’t even want to see it; but this is what Mo’Nique was rewarded for. Really? Why does she have to take this type of role before she gets rewarded? Why did Halle Berry have to be a slut in Monster’s Ball before finally won an Academy Award? Why did Denzel Washington have to play a crooked cop in Training Day to win an Oscar? Denzel has had countless amazing roles: Malcolm X, John Q, Glory, Remember the Titans, Crimson Tide, etc. So has Halle Berry.

My next beef is, why does it seem like the black actors always have to die in the action and/or horror movies? I recently saw Brooklyn’s Finest, which is a fantastic movie. But the ending really had me disappointed when all of the main black actors in the movie were killed off (including Wesley Snipes and Don Cheadle) while Richard Gere was able to survive and be the “hero” in the movie. Just once, I’d like to see the black guy make it until the end. If you happen to have never noticed this or think I am tripping right now, check out this site. It has tons of examples of movies where the black actors seem to get killed first in the film. What gives?


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