Derrion Albert – Rest in Peace

I’m currently disturbed by a chilling video that is floating around the internet about a 16 year old honor student named Derrion Albert. Albert was walking home from school (with numerous other kids) to the city bus stop when two rival groups of kids from different neighborhoods got into a large group fight. Apparently, Albert tried to step in and assist a couple of students caught in the mêlée and became the victim of a senseless beating at the hands of at least 4 other teens. The biggest difference in this “brawl” that I’ve never seen before is that there happened to be a few wooden railroad planks (called “ties”) lying around the scene. During a heated fight, these planks became deadly and Albert caught at least one or two vicious blows to the head with it. There’s actually an audible crack of Albert’s skull on the video (I watched it, but really wish I hadn’t). You can Google or YouTube Derrion Albert’s name to find the video, but I don’t necessarily recommend it.

Growing up, I saw plenty of these types of fights that occurred over stupid and trivial things (school rivals, school or neighborhood pride, jealousy, etc.) and looking back it amazes me how different my life and other lives could have been drastically different had circumstances been slightly different. If you remove the railroad tie planks from laying around in that street, this kid is most likely still alive. Had his school had normal bus transportation instead of him taking the city bus, much may have been avoided. It’s tragic that our society has reached this point. There is too much hate in the hearts of our people these days and it is becoming painfully evident in all areas of life. We need to exude LOVE much more often in our everyday lives. Smile and tell someone you love them today. Parents, talk to your kids.

Senseless beating with railroad tie plank

Senseless beating with railroad tie plank


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