The Tragedy of Michael Jackson (Rest In Peace)

I’m saddened by the death of Michael Jackson, but I do know that the things that he accomplished in his lifetime will keep his legacy alive forever. He was the greatest entertainer in world, and the best selling artist of all time. Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad are my personal favorite albums from him. Obviously since his death, anything associated with him will sell through the roof, so more sales and money is forthcoming for the record labels.

The tragedy that surrounds Michael Jackson to me are the horrible things that he did to his face and body, in an attempt to “fit in.” This can be attributed to many things (Childhood abuse and having no real childhood, Living in Hollywood, being such a genius [you know the line between genius and insanity is very thin]) but this is my take on it. Michael was born in Gary, IN in 1958. Indiana was (and may still be in some areas) an extremely racist climate and state. Don’t forget that the Ku Klux Klan had a huge presence there. There’s no telling what he experienced, saw and dealt with on a daily basis growing up in that type of environment. I think the racism he likely experienced early on, and possibly pressure from the music industry caused him to dislike his skin tone, nose, etc. and go through all of those surgeries. I don’t think a woman alive would disagree that he was originally a very nice looking young man. But what he turned himself into was scary. That is the tragedy that I think we could all learn from, because I think it shows what low self esteem and racism could potentially do to someone. Here is a collage of MJ’s face at different points in his life.


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