The Economy and Outsourcing

With the economy in the tubes and thousands upon thousands of jobs being lost this year, shouldn’t we be taxing job outsourcing as a theft of American Services? When a company becomes rich in America from American resources, and then sends what should be American jobs to poorer countries…how is THAT not stealing?

There are plenty of companies taking advantage of sending jobs to poorer countries for less costs and higher profits…my current company being no exception. Maybe if the U.S. taxed companies heavily for this kind of thing, it would be more profitable for American companies to bring those jobs back to the U.S. for slightly hire pay but less taxes and penalties on the backend.  With so many Americans out of work, every little bit helps.

Looking at it from a broader standpoint, how dumb do you think Americans look to other countries? When you have tons of companies outsourcing and looking to hire for various jobs in other countries, it makes us look like we can’t find competent and qualified employees in our own country. How often do you hear about other countries outsourcing to the U.S. so that we can have call centers to “support” businesses overseas?


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  1. Today we wonder where all of our jobs of gone (out sourcing), consider re-reading the aforementioned paragraph and contemplate what the answer could possibly be?

    Now China has decided it needs to shift gears from being an exporter of inexpensive, commercial products to more a higher level of manufactured goods requiring advanced technology.


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