House of Representatives Apologize for Slavery

You may read the full article here from CNN:

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This is monumental! A lot of people have variable stances regarding reparations, but what are your thoughts on this apology? In my personal opinion I think it was definitely needed. 1965 was 43 years ago and prior to that it was extremely difficult for African Americans to vote, attend certain schools, effectively run certain types of businesses and get hired for certain types of jobs and maintain success in certain careers. Add on to that the racism that existed on various levels since then (some still exists now), and the “forces” that planted cocaine and drugs in black neighborhoods and pitted certain gangs (bloods and crips) against one another to spawn black on black violence.

The effects from Jim Crow and Slavery overall are still being felt in today’s day and age. If it was illegal for an African American’s Great Grandfather to learn to read, he obviously couldn’t teach his son how to read and in many areas little to no money was invested into the neighborhood schools. So you have generations of families who really haven’t had the best opportunities to become educated. Sure many have risen above the odds and have done well; but many also have not. Seemingly most Caucasian families have grandparents and great grandparents who have earned college degrees and are educated, yet you still have first time family college graduates graduating in the 2000 era who are African American. That is crazy! In this day and age I think it’s sad that there are 22 year olds who are the first in their family to ever go to school. Yet this is a reality and some of it points to Slavery and the Jim Crow laws. Even those who went to school weren’t exactly able to be Director’s, Vice President’s and C-Level executives either; so it seems like today’s wave of successful African Americans is a first or second generation group of people.

What are your thoughts on this apology and should reparations follow? Some would argue that reparations would benefit the race since the Japanese and Jewish both received payments for injustices done to them and they were able to start up businesses and communities for themselves as a result.


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  1. We should not receive lump sum checks or any amount of money individually. Money for reparations should go into bettering the schools in our communities, a fund to help black business owners, community centers that give professional development classes, home economics, and basic computer skills. For free. Clinics that offer free services for comprehensive healthcare, and fresh food supermarkets so we can start eating more healthy. That’s just a start…


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