Will Smith – New Age Superman?

Will Smith flying

Alright, so this is going to seem really off topic and I’m really not trying to hate on Will Smith or anything. Or at least not too much, lol. I mean, Will is my boy. Loved him back in his rap heyday (“Summertime!”) and I was a big fan of The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. He’s a great actor and he’s probably the best ever example of a musical artist turned actor. When you look at the number of great films he has been a part of (Bad Boys I and II, Enemy of the State, Ali, Pursuit of Happyness…maybe even Hitch and Wild, Wild West) you can’t deny that the guy is talented.

However, one thing that is starting to bother me is his apparent need to always star in the same type of role where he needs to save the world. One thing I always respected about Johnny Depp is that for the most part he always plays a different type of role in his movies. He never plays the same type of role repeatedly and if you look at his resume, that is evident. So getting back to Will, when he first “saved the world” in Independence Day I thought it was pretty cool and at the time it was a great movie. I wasn’t even a bit bothered the next year when he came back to save the world again, only this time in Men in Black. He even did a sequel with Men in Black II a few years later. But when he came back to save the world another time in I, Robot I definitely was starting to think of this whole pattern as being pretty lame. I still was able to enjoy the movie but I definitely felt that he had pushed the envelope on this type of movie to it’s limits and it was time to move on. So for a while, it seemed like he had and all was well. Until last year he felt the urge to save the world again with I Am Legend! I’m by no means a movie critic but this movie really pissed me off. Of all of the previous “save the world” movies, this one was the worst. Will was pretty much the only actor in the movie alongside his dog and a bunch of mannequins. At this point he seemed so self centered that he couldn’t even share the limelight with anyone but himself! He had to save the world on his own. This is probably one of those “love it or hate it” types of movies but I really thought it was corny and think he needs to go back to doing other types of work.


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  1. I must respectfully disagree. Yes, Will Smith has more than his fair share of “Superman” roles; however, Johnny Depp is running a monopoly on “Iconic Loner” roles. He portrays a large number of characters that are severely reclusive in their nature. It is difficult to gather more peculiar bunch of Hollywood characters than Edward Scissorhands, Willie Wonka, Ichibad Crane, Victor Van Dort, and Sweeney Todd. Just as Will Smith has been type-casted as the world saving hero, the Johnny Depp and Tim Burton combo will be sure to produce equally redundant roles.

    What are they working on now? Well, Will Smith is will be a drunken superhero in his upcoming movie and Johnny Depp will be in a movie called “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. It appears as though the cycle will continue.


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  3. LOL. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought it was funny that this girl left the above comment in leu of my “critique” of Will. Ha!


  4. I highly doubt Will Smith will call anyone like this…


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