Day Seventy Five- The Hypocrisy of the Left

This week has been highly charged, like none other time during this Pandemic. Even though we have seen the death count for Covid-19 gone down below a 100 today, the biggest news is the ongoing protests taking place in the USA, which has now found its way here in the cities of UK.

Thousands of people gathered around landmarks, majority peacefully protesting but also many destroying and vandalising statues of old controversial figures and throwing them deep into the cold dark waters. It’s as if those acts will rectify all the issues and erase the most hardest part of our history.  None of these protests had any social distancing as if Covid 19 had disappeared, or that it will somehow exempt them because they are fighting for a social justice cause. What’s amusing out of all of this, is the amount of support being shown to protesters and excuses by the main left wing and unions.

Nobody is disagreeing with the level of injustice that took place in America in the past week and one can even get on board with the demonstrations taking place in the USA. However, I fail to see how in the middle of a global pandemic that has killed 40’000 people here in Britain alone, why people in the UK think they should be protesting, considering the global circumstances. This is not the time to come out and protest an age old systemic problems here, just to show solidarity to the USA.

What’s worse, are the excuses and comparison from the Left in support for it. ‘People have been going to the beaches’ ‘People are queuing up in IKEA’ ‘Dominic Cummings went and visited his family’  ‘Racism is a pandemic in itself’. Are some of the things the Left have been saying to justify the protests and the lack of social distancing. Some of these things may be taking place, but it has never been encouraged by anyone, actually it was frowned and criticised upon. And the last time I checked racism had not killed 400’000 people globally in a period of six months, like Covid-19 has.

One might argue, that systemic racism has killed more people than that. Which maybe so, but that issue has always been here, it didn’t pop out last week when George Floyd was killed. What is this innate need to encourage and support the protest at a time when we are just getting a grip on the Pandemic? What is this need to gather and destroy statues and further fuel and overshadow the real cause of Black Lives Matter?

 What about the great NHS that no one has stopped talking about? For the last three to four months, all that the Left wing and the unions have been doing is clapping for the heroes, critiquing the government on lack of PPE, talking about underpaid and overworked nurses. Getting on the bandwagon of how the NHS is underfunded and under appreciated by the Government.  Another spike in numbers, no matter how small or big from the protests, will not affect the Government, it will overwhelm the heroes that you have been clapping for.  If you encourage mass gatherings in protests or any other form, how can you show sympathy or feel the needs for justice for the NHS? It is those hard working nurses and health professionals which will be the ones picking up the pieces. You just become empty placard protesters and fail to garner any support or respect for all the other causes you come to support.

No one is blind to injustice, but the actions of people are fuelling more of a division rather a voice being heard.

Ridiculous comparisons cannot be made to justify protests here in London, these can wait. We all know BAME People are the most vulnerable in this pandemic, our death rates are higher than most, another spike no matter how small or big, is likely to affect more people of colour. How ironic will that be? Black people protesting for their rights, which might make their communities more vulnerable in the process.

If anything is clear from all this support for protests, how little the left wing actually support and respect the NHS and the lockdown rules when it comes to their own agendas. And the same could be said about the other side too. It is clear many just want to protest to stay relevant and promote an idealistic version of themselves. And how little people really care about the impact of Covid -19.

Be sensible in your approach, so the message of the cause is not being lost. As, all I have seen in the last few days, is lefties going on a ruthless parade with their white anarchist fantasies, which has infiltrated and influenced the activities of Black Lives Matter.

Stay Safe.

Day Seventy Three. Why I Didn’t Blackout Anything for George Floyd or BLM

This week in the middle of Lockdown something changed.  Something so significant it diverted people’s minds and attention away from the ongoing Pandemic that has gripped our lives for the past three months. News that pivoted us away from the Covid 19 headlines. Forcing the public to defy the laws set out for us for this lockdown, and take themselves to the streets.

I am speaking of course, of the callous and cold hearted murder of African American, George Floyd in the USA at the hands of Police Officers.  When George Floyd woke up that morning and took his trip down to the shop, he had no idea of the tragic fate that awaited him and how it was about to set the world on fire.

Let’s make one thing clear, there are no shades of grey in this case, no questions, no excuses and no investigation needed to determine the circumstances of what took place.  We all saw the horrible video and what transpired. People and critics from both the Left and Right and anyone with a decency of humanity can see, that George Floyd was knelt to the floor and murdered in cold blood by Police Officers.

This is not the first time an African American has fallen victim to the hands of law enforcement and sadly, probably won’t be the last. The difference here and what separates this case from a long history of callous and brutal policing in America, is that there is no doubt or any shred of evidence to state anything other than murder.

For Black Americans, this is an ongoing battle of a long fought out war they have been having for centuries. And another red line crossed for them to say enough is enough. In the middle of a global pandemic, with their gloves and masks firmly on, they made it out to the streets to protest.  A fire that had been raging inside them for so long had exploded into a large inferno and now supernova.

Black Lives matter- They have been saying it for years, but yet no one took that much notice of the movement, some ridiculed it and countered it with All Lives Matter.  But countering that movement was no longer enough to suppress the anger, pain and hurt they have been living with for decades and centuries.

I am not going to come out and say I can begin to understand the racial inequality and social isolation that riddles the fabric of American Society.  Majority of people who don’t live in the USA can’t either. We can understand and maybe even relate to some of the issues that they face, but not even a Black person living in the UK can fully experience the everyday struggle that a Black person in the USA faces every day. From law enforcement, to housing, to education to employment, but I can understand the anger and of course the need to show solidarity.

But this need to show solidarity has left me asking more questions of this new wave of so called understanding, from a silent majority who have for so long, stayed quiet. This past week I shifted through countless blacked out messages on Instagram and Facebook to commemorate what they called Blackout Tuesday. A day of mourning and pause to make a change and recognise racism, but all I saw was a host of people who are jumping on this bandwagon to show their so called ‘Wokeness’. Almost as if Racism has only become a thing this week and didn’t exist before.

The very essence of Black Lives Matter is to stop racism. Are those who are now showing solidarity to BLM? Willing to fight the racism of just Black people or are they willing to fight the very core of racism that exists for all minorities, which is the very reason of the BLM movement.  Racism and BLM go hand in hand, no Black person wants to have the right to be treated equally without the right for other minorities to feel the same, but has this message been delivered? Or have people seen this as another new trend to jump on. Is everyone who blacked out their post on Tuesday, really against racism or are they just against what happened to George Floyd and only George Floyd?

In the past few days celebrities, influencers and people, all blacked out their feeds. At one time on my Instragram, there was nothing to see but just blacked out pictures. This is a moment of win right?  Or is it that for some, blacking out their pictures, is their way of redeeming themselves of a guilt that they have blissfully ignored?  For some, especially celebrities and influencers, it’s just a tactful moment to stay relevant and look sincere to a cause that seems romantic, whilst for others it remains a burning pain. I could write a whole book on how celebrities, music companies, film companies and all those famous people who have come out in fight of BLM and Blackout Tuesday have contributed to the huge racism that still exists in our society and how they will continue to do it. But that is another chapter for another day.

Let’s concentrate on us? Are we the same as USA?

As we observe the protesters and social media posts, we see a need to paint the state as the enemy. Nothing new there I guess, as nothing seems to give one’s life more value or ones speech more validation, than when they are supposedly speaking up against a broken system and politicians.  And whilst it is clear there are many broken aspects of our society we need to fix politically and socially here in the UK, we also need to realise where we stand, in our place in all of this.

In order to show solidarity, somehow we have become romanticised with the George Floyd story and the BLM movement. This needed anguish from people here in the UK to validate their grief, has seen them willing to drag down the status of UK to that of the USA. In an attempt to show that they truly understand their struggle. People are going out their way to show that somehow we too, are on the same road as the US- which is hardly the case.

Yes, there is a lot of institutional and structural racism here in the UK that needs to change. Being a man of colour, I have witnessed and experienced many. However, we are nowhere near the same level of social disparity and inequality that resides in America. We should not forget that in order to show solidarity and make changes, we have to fight from the pedestal we are on, and not drag ourselves down to pedestal we want to be on, just because being down there with America looks somehow more of a struggle and makes us a true underdog.

So as I found myself shifting through countless blacked out posts from people from all walks of life, I felt anger especially from certain personalities and people sharing their ‘woke’ messages. It made me cringe.  Is this new found love for BLM and respect for Black lives a real turning point? Or are we are looking at just another fad people are jumping on before they return to their life of unconscious and continuous contribution to the structural inequality that rages with no real change coming whatsoever.

The questions needed to be asked?

Will the hipsters and yuppies that have helped the gentrification of cities, rising house prices, pushing out minorities further away from their home areas, that has continued to fuel social inequality and gap between rich and poor. Finally realise their roles in all of this and come outside from their gated communities and new builds to say ‘Hello’ or reach out to their minority neighbours.  Will they shop in their local shops and be friends with Mohammed or Ade or are these names just destined to be their Uber drivers?  Will they stop buying Cannabis or Coke from their local young minority dealers and start educating them instead? Or stop calling the police when they see a young crowd of minority boys in their hoodies?  Will the middle class new generation of ‘Woke’ parents who voted Corbyn and buy organic food, finally send their children to local state schools instead of majority white schools miles away? Will people still move away from urban areas to raise families in quintessential suburbs, which signals out success because you have moved away from the rough, the congestion and of course the minorities.

Will big corporate business and their employees, make an effort to make their workforce representative by employing the diverse nature of this country and we get to see more CEOs and Managers of colour?  Will we begin to ask questions like why places like Canary Wharf and City Of London, sandwiched by the most diverse multi racial boroughs in UK, does not have a represented background. Why is it, the majority of their coloured work force are the ones who do front line work such as Security.  Will business and their employers as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, reach out to the communities that surround them in a more holistic way, Rather than getting them to volunteer their privileged workers to read to children in schools or plant flowers in the community garden, for their perfect PR photo shoot and conversation reserved for their wine parties about how they help the under privileged.

Why do I mention this? Because this is what you call structural racism. This is the real fight. The little things, which makes the biggest differences. It is these things that build up and cause deep social unrest and segregation, which then allow situations like law enforcement and others to systematically isolate people of colour, causing a gap that ultimately leads to tragic circumstances and racism in society.

As a person of colour living in the UK, I see it every day. Being born and brought up in the UK, there are many experiences I can share, that no one will understand. Many have now come to admit this, but is just saying you understand, enough? Will anyone ever really go out their way, like they were quick to post their feelings of support, to ever understand, the burden I carry everyday to show myself as a good exemplary Bangladeshi male in the UK. Only to prove to the white mainstream society, that we are not all backwards, misogynistic, extremists with a hate for the UK. Every day we fight the labels they gave us. And put on a theatre show from the way we speak to the way we dress to the way we conduct ourselves. We orchestrate this, so in the wider sense of things, our community is not on the firing line. But even that is not enough, because it only takes one coloured man to groom an underage girl, or stab someone or say the wrong things. And we find ourselves fighting to prove to the mainstream white society, that we are not in fact that.  This is the reality for minorities and also the reality of Black people.

Let’s talk global politics.

Racism doesn’t just reside in everyday life, it was allowed to surface and stay there, when for decades upon decades, Western countries have bombed and invaded, maimed and carried out their systemic killings of millions of Brown and Black lives around the world. And somehow it seemed ok, because they were defending them from an enemy thousand miles away, and the collateral damages was after all, not White, so their lives had less meaning. Will the people who blacked out their pictures, now question and challenge the most recent piece of history? Or are these causes not good enough to show on their platforms because it was not Black Lives Matter and that is the ‘rage’ at the moment.  BLM in essence is about those injustices too, the racist nature of the global systemic elite.

Where was their global outcry when only a month ago the news surfaced, that China, who is responsible for the current pandemic was kicking out African people from their homes and refusing to let them eat in restaurant, because they had the absolute nerve to believe  that  Black people carried the virus. Black Lives Matter was fighting for them too, but where were the people who are blacking out their screens now?

Does our new found ‘Wokeness’ only stand for current fads to gain popularity and not the whole root cause of it all or challenge those who enable it.  When Obama (a black leader) was the architect behind the fall of Libya, which then in the chaos went onto human traffic African men and literally sell them as slaves on the global market. Where was the sense of injustice and outcry like now? Obama came out looking like a hero then and even now, knowing he has done no more for the Black community than previous presidents.

So what do we do?

It’s time we started challenging media perception and stopped promoting books and TV shows and films, that promote the minority as people coping with identity and poverty issues, as desperate souls looking for salvation in the western world. Because us, playing to our stereotypes is what the White mainstream audience want.  Are the woke people who read books and watch films, ready to see a brown or black leading character who has normal issues and not issues related to our race?

It’s time to challenge so called social media influencers, when they post and display pictures of them, that highlights their light skinned beauty as if that was the threshold of looking good.  For years and years we have seen light skinned celebrities become the face of Black celebrity culture, something even more deep rooted in the South Asian culture.

And the communities are not completely blameless. When are the non-black people going to teach our kids and ourselves that it is not cool to act Black but not wanting to be Black.  Time to challenge this vision of how black culture is ghetto culture and limit it down to Grime or Drill music, which is filled with misogynistic and violent lyrics, that further perpetuates the stereotype of being Black. When are going to fight to see the real representation and countless other achievements of the working and middle class Black people, rather than concentrate on the minority inner-city youths as the real Black experience and voice of the UK?

The time has come to challenge so called quotes like “Once you go black, you never go back” or “I’m into Black guys”. “Black people are good at sports”  “Black guys are strong and can lift.” These quotes may seem like you are promoting the Black race as superior, but don’t get fooled in your misguided and so called good intention positivity. All you do is single out the Black race from the rest of the population as something other than ‘us’, even if that something is seen to be a positive.  It is this level of singling out that has been a virus to the Black community and what leads to stereotype in an effect lead to the dehumanisation of Black people that leads to events such as the George Floyd incident.

Racism is a deep rooted systemic way of thinking and belief. In order to fight it, we have to challenge the everyday living of our lives from global policies to the way we think and act in life. Blacking out pictures, attending protests and sharing hash tags and then moving on in the world saying I am going to think differently, is not enough. For many, it’s gaining points and likes for your own self indulgent publicity with no real root of change.  Fighting racism is not a romantic struggle- it is a real hard one that people in an ideal world, do not want to fight.  It didn’t suddenly come into existence when the police officer put his knees on George Floyd and it is not going to end there either.  So if you are ready to question and change everything around you, then do it. But please save your blackout pictures and hashtags, if you just want a moment of glorification to show your new found ‘wokeness’ because to be honest in this day and age, if it took a clear concise video of three Police Officers standing by whilst another one put his knees down on the neck of a Black man for eight minutes… yes, eight minutes, whilst the guy was screaming “Officer I can’t breathe” fifteen times, yes fifteen times.  For you to finally acknowledge and blackout your screens to say that you think Black Lives matter and racism needs to be addressed. Then you need to ask yourself some real hard question and your knowledge of this world.

I for one chose not to Black out anything for me the struggle is deep rooted and less orchestrated.

“I can only be responsible for what I do. I don’t know how to be responsible for what every black man does.” – Tupac Shakur

RIP George Floyd.

Day Fifty Three – Cost of Lockdown

As we edge over fifty days of lockdown, the true picture of Britain slowly emerges from the dust. The dust however, has far from settled. Our death toll has reached over 33’000 and it continues to rise. Even though the number of deaths per day is on the decline, it’s pretty certain that we will reach the milestone of 40’000 within the next few weeks or month.

In the midst of this, Boris has announced the ease of lockdown, not surprisingly without its fair share of criticism. We are no longer told to ‘Stay Home’ but rather ‘Stay Alert’ as we can now venture out as far as we like for our daily exercise. We can also meet one person outside of our family homes, providing we adhere to social distancing.  The big news however, was the return phase for children to go back to school from the 1st of June. Which had begun the torrid, age old war between the trade unions and government.

The consensus is, it is not yet safe for children to return. Whilst those on the opposing side are rallying for the heroes (in this case the teachers) to return to work and free our children. Either way, it seems children once again have become the pawns on both sides and their education has become politicised. I wonder if it all works out, if we will have a dedicated time slot each week, to clap for teachers as well.

Soon after Boris made the announcement, very quickly and not surprisingly social media became a political hot-spot, with even famous celebrities, producing satires of his message, which was expected. People were quick to pick up the flaws of his speech about easing lockdown, like it was a competition on who can critique the government in the wittiest possible way, rather than sense the magnitude of the situation we are currently in.  The one thing that I could take from all of this, was how those who criticised the government the most, are also the ones who are reliant on every word they say.

Common sense seems to delude the public, as they seem to want everything to be spelled out to them, rather than understand and decipher a message. What is it about keeping and adhering to social distancing as much as you can, regardless of where you are and who you meet along with washing your hands, so hard to understand? This is after all, the only real remedy. There are no vaccines or preventable medicine at this time. If you don’t feel safe to go out you don’t have to and even the Employment Act gives you the right not to go to work, if you fear for your safety.

It sometimes feel like the public want the government to come down harder on them, than they already have. Like a fetish or lucid fantasy, where they want the government to chastise them and call them a ‘naughty boy/girl’.  It’s scary to imagine, how the public without realising, are romanticising and even hoping for more authoritarian rules.  Make no mistake, lockdown is a police state, the reason behind why we are in lockdown, is irrelevant. We are currently living as close to an authoritarian rule than ever before in modern history.  And although it may not be anything like China or a ‘Stalin’ type regime, it’s the closest we hopefully ever will get.

Pandemic as I read in an article today only goes away, in two different ways. One: If the virus disappears. Two: If society no longer makes it an issue and moves on with their lives. Meaning, sometimes the fears of a pandemic is in our minds and it’s greater than the actual real threat of it. Once we lose the fear, we lose the pandemic.

The real question now is what happens in the the aftermath when we finally end lockdown. There is no doubt we will enter a global recession and the cost of which is going to hit us – the public, hard. It’s a sad state of affair that within the space of 12 years we are now going to have two recessions, taking away so much from the current and future generations. As the government extends Furlough for another four months, the cost of the rescue package has reached a staggering £124 billion. This will need to be now paid for by us- the taxpayers, with a rise of income tax more or less likely.

London TFL has announced a 1% hike in fare prices, with people who have Freedom Passes, to have their travels limited. Congestion charges for motorists will increase to £15 from £11. There are discussions that children will no longer be able to travel free on transport. Can you imagine if that was the case? A city where thousands of children have the right to travel for free on transport to get to school and move around London independently, stripped away, making their parents/carers cough up the cost. This all announced within the first two months on lockdown and make no mistakes, this is the just the tip of the iceberg.

As we move forward, we will see more cuts in essential public services, like there had been under ‘austerity’ for the last decade, to cover the costs we are now building up. Meaning, the long term effect of lockdown will put more vulnerable people at risks and maybe even more deaths. We would have to be living in some kind of twilight zone, to think the Tory government will not come harsh down on essential public services to make up for the money they have promised us now.

So, as we move forward with ease of lockdown, applying our foremost gift of common sense is a priority. We need to protest the right moves instead of the ones certain sectors of the anti- government hit squad are glamorising.  Making satirical analysis of which friends or family we can meet outside of our homes shouldn’t be high on our list to analyse. These are nothing compared to the real and harsh changes which are happening to our systems, that we need to shout and scrutinise now.  When Covid 19 is a distant memory, the long term effect of the lockdown will hit our country and our individual lives, will we be that sympathetic when it does? What will the ones who are asking the government to spend more money now, say, when the government asks for that money to be paid back? We might be helping the vulnerable now, but is what we are advocating for now, helping them in the long term for which the effects will be far longer and more stringent?

Stay Safe.

Day Forty Seven – The Children Left Behind

As we come to the end of a sun soaked Bank Holiday weekend, there is a midst of hope and anguish.  This week UK produced the highest figures in Europe in terms of Covid 19 deaths. We surpassed Italy, as our numbers went over 30’000 and counting. Ten thousand above the number, which the government had said, would be a good outcome. Globally we are now second, only behind USA in terms of death toll.  Yet, with the death count increasing, well above what we had hoped it would stay under, the talks of easing lockdown is well underway and come Sunday we are expecting to hear Boris unveil how he plans to ease lockdown.

The nation is divided and there are divisions within those divisions. Nobody can guarantee the true nature of Covid 19 and what will happen when the ease of lockdown does happen. Will it re emerge again? Will we see another spike and go through another lockdown, if it does?

This weekend, I found myself running again in the heat, some might say I’m crazy, since not only am I running in peak heat but I am fasting too. But I’ve never shied away from testing my body under extreme circumstances. All the runs I have done during Ramadan had all been very good, if not the best ones I have done this year. Probably because I’ve been pacing a little slower and getting rid of negative toxins from the food I am not eating. Every supermarket and shops seem to have run out of flour and vanilla extract. I don’t know why that is, could it be people are baking more or stockpiling (flour is a very good ingredients to create many nutritional types of food)? Maybe its Ramadan and the Muslim community are in by large known for their dishes that require flour. None the less, I find myself a bit anxious, wondering if we will ever return to a status quo, where I can pop down the supermarket and not worry about a certain product not being there.  It’s all a bit sad, since I am using this lockdown to brush up on my baking skills.

One of the hot topics, since talks of easing restrictions began, has been the status of schools. Many will agree the schools opening, will be the first major move of lockdown being over. The morning routines, the laugher of children, picking them up and dropping them off, all seem to be a memory of yesteryear.

Like the lockdown, parents all over the country are divided on schools being opened. Even Wales and Scotland have said they will follow their own rules rather than England’s. Yes, children are asymptomatic, but the risks they pose to others, is what makes us apprehensive about re- opening. Many people and unions have been vocal against schools opening prematurely and perfectly within their reasons and views. But as a professional who has spent years working in education and with a focus on Special Education Needs and vulnerable children and families. I feel it might be good to put forward an alternative view and how locking down schools might not be the best of interest for everyone.

Many children with special educations needs will have an Education Health and Care plan. This is a legal binding plan, a Local Authority will produce with outcomes and funding to meet the needs of the child at a school. Many SEND children in mainstream schools will have one of these plans. Nearly every child attending a special school will almost definitely have one too.  When the government chose to close schools in March, they did state that for those children with EHC Plans, schools will remain open for them as well as children of key and essential workers along with vulnerable kids.

Yet, many parents with children with EHC Plans, have chosen for their children not to attend. This could be down to many obvious reasons, but overall it’s a mixture of the change of structure of how school will work during lockdown, the amount of restraints that have been put on all our daily lives to be able to take a child to school and not to mention the medical and health needs of a child.

Children with SEND are different, they are more difficult to cater for at homes, especially those living in already cramped spaces of in high amounts of poverty. The strain of caring for them on a daily basis for parents is difficult as it is on a normal day, let alone under lockdown. Through my job, I have spoken to families over the phone, who are stuck between a rock and hard place. Too scared to send their children to school due to the structure change or keep them home and deal with their care and difficult behaviour. There are parents that are not able to make a trip to the supermarket to buy essentials due to taking care of their children. The list is endless. To get a understanding of what I am talking about, just think about all the daily tasks that we do with our children, all the barriers we face, multiply that by five and then picture that scenario in a lockdown setting and you will get an accurate picture of the challenges being faced by families and a child with SEND.  Yes and although they might still be a minority compared to the rest of the children population, we cannot ignore the issues they face. All inner city London Boroughs, will have at least 2000 children with EHC Plans,  that’s roughly 2000 families who are vulnerable, but the numbers are higher, as not all SEND children are eligible for EHC Plans,  but the issues they face still remain the same.

The same applies for the children who are under child protection. Even though they too are eligible to attend school, reports have shown that these families are not taking up the offer and there is little any authority can do to force them. These are children who are vulnerable to abuse and neglect. So as we think and talk about people vulnerable to domestic violence during this lockdown, let’s take some time to also think about all the children who are vulnerable to schools being closed. For many of them, schools provide them with a safe structure and stability, to make some sense in their lives.  Lest we forget about the children left behind when coming to have a reasonable conversation about schools remaining closed.

Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.

Day Forty – Is Lockdown Unofficially Over?

Entering the month of May meant, we spent the whole complete month of April in Lockdown. But Lockdown when it was first announced near the end of March is a lot different than what we are facing in beginning of May. We have become complacent, the regulations put forward by the government bouncing off our backs. Through the homeschooling, baking, tedious Zoom meetings, countless hours of social media and streaming channels like Netflix and Disney plus. There is an underlining sense of anger, boredom, frustration and hurt that has been mixed together to create a pandemic version of us. And it remains to be seen if or how long it will take for us to dust of this new version of us or how it moulds us into the post pandemic human in us.

In my running app I clocked a total 146km of running in April.  That’s a new world record for me. I have never ran this much in a month, but I guess with gyms closed and the only times I can legitimately go out is either for exercise or shopping, it was bound to be the case.  Very fast and very quick some of the perks of lockdown are dying out. The clapping for NHS every Thursday has now been hijacked with a sense of cringe and over-kill, it was nice the first time, but every week? Whilst the NHS and the world bends over backwards to deal with Covid 19, we have made the message clear. We support all the health workers and the amazing work they do, but let us not overdo it with our sense of selfish righteousness.

Boris came back this week and took his rightful place on the mantle. Being a father again, didn’t seem to distract him from taking to the front line and declaring that he will not be taking paternity leave at this time. Of course, I can imagine how hard it would be for his girlfriend, it’s not like they can afford nannies and other private professionals to help out. ‘The peak is over” he told us triumphantly, but what that means again is ambiguous. There are still no new signs of an exit strategy, whilst Pier Morgan and the media seem to have a fetish over the 100’000 tests that Matt Hancock has promised and not delivering. It’s all becoming a tennis match with the ball going from one side to another, all the while, ignoring the real victims in all of this.

The US Government declassified three videos of suspected UFO’s. Clarifying that they are investigating what it could have been. With a US Senator declaring this only scratches the surface of the intelligence they have gathered around UFOs. As a fan of the unknown and especially my strong belief around the cosmos, its surprising this isn’t big news.  The Governments are practically admitting the aliens might be real and the world doesn’t seem to care. It makes me think back to my first post, when I wrote with the state of the world the way it is now, would it be a shock if aliens invaded us?

Is it such a surprise? That whilst all this is going on, people have started to self govern and have taken measures into their own hands. Yes, it did pour down with rain one or two days this week, even with the weather the way it was, throughout my daily running this week, I saw no signs of any lockdown or social distancing. Businesses are starting to re open and people with masks on (as if it was  an armour of shield against covid 19) out and about with cars on the roads, like it was just another pre-lockdown day. Yes, if you concentrated hard enough, there were no groups of people or gatherings, but regardless there were people out just doing what they can do. It makes you wonder if they should just recall everyone back to work at their offices and make them earn their money. Shops and supermarkets have put stringent rules in places only for show but no real effect.  In my recent trip to Sainsbury’s, as I queued up to be let in. I watched NHS workers, being allowed to skip the queue and being let in. It makes you wonder, why we are in the queue in the first place. If queues were designed to let only a certain number of people in at a time for social distancing measures, surely someone can’t just flash a badge and walk in.  We have become distorted with our views and what is common sense and not. All the more reason, why we need an exit strategy and lockdown to be eased as soon as possible. With the ushering of Summer, it’s going to be very hard to maintain any law and order, as people jump on bikes, their jogging pants and frolic around enjoying the sun.  It is not just me who is observing this, as I scroll through social media comments, people from all over the UK seem to be saying and observing the same things.

What we need is some common sense, if people can just self manage and clean themselves and keep social distance, whilst businesses can make a few adjustments, is there any need for a lockdown at all?

Like many, I wish to be to go out and make some sense of normality again. I worry mainly for the state of the economy and the country and if we will have jobs to go back to. I worry for the mental health of my two children, who have not seen their friends, family, teachers and cousins or had a quality level of education that they are used to. As rumours spread around that schools may open back in June, I am hoping we will see some easing in the next few weeks.  It’s all about how the government want to play this, either they can come out on top and give some dates or the people will make their own.

Until then -Stay Safe.

Day Thirty Four – The New Normal

This week has been different.  As we moved pass the pivotal first month of lockdown, it becomes more and more clear, this might be the ‘new normal’.  It’s been hard for many reasons. One of the main reasons being, we entered the month of Ramadan. I don’t think there has ever been a time in history, when the Muslim world faced the most holy and auspicious month of their calendar, this isolated and alone. When the true essence and purpose of this revered month, is meant to embody and epitomise the feeling of community, kindness and togetherness. As the days go on, I plan to write more about what it all means celebrating and observing Ramadan in such a surreal and sad time.

The effect of lockdown is having its toll on the globe, and every day the growing toll is evident. Some people in the US have taken to the streets and started protesting against lockdown measures. Beyond their harsh placards and banner of protest,  if you look deeper, their reasoning is not completely unfair or unjust. But then there many who oppose it too.  It seems the world population is being polarised, between anti-lockdowners and lockdowners. Two sides venomously opposed to one another and it will only get worse, if it stays this way.

Donald Trump suggested some outlandish solutions this week, somewhere along the line of injecting disinfectant and using ultra violet lights inside a human body. Even by his standard, that sits on the border line of crazy. It makes you wonder, if the mental effect of lockdown has got the better of the little bit of sane that occupied his mind.

Here in the UK, we passed the sad milestone of 20’000 deaths, the stark figure, we were told would be a good outcome, if we managed stay below of, by the time this pandemic was over.  I must admit, when I first heard the figure a month ago, I never thought we would reach it. I took it as usual overestimation and exaggeration floated around by the media and government PR.  But the fact that we have reached this number, with no signs of it slowing and numbers from care homes to be yet taken into account, all of which within a period of 30 days- is ofcourse a hard pill to swallow.

Boris Johnson is meant to make his triumphant return to the stage after his recovery from Covid-19 on Monday.  But his ministers have already foretold, that lockdown is not easing any time soon and we have to get used to this being the ‘new normal’ when they do decide to ease the restrictions. Their words, leaves us with more questions than answers.  There are no exit strategies against this invisible killer, until and unless a legitimate vaccine is found, for which there is no actual time or dates given- just assumptions.  So how do we go about his ‘new normal’ and what exactly is this ‘new normal’ and how do we rebuild a world for which there is no clear mandate?

I might be fasting, but I am still doing my daily jogs at a slower pace, to keep some level of normality and routine in my life. As the rest seem to have been broken and tattered. My dental hygiene routine is gone and so has my sleep pattern. So what did I notice in my recent runs? London- especially the part where I run to and forth, Tower Bridge, London Bridge etc… There are no signs of social isolation. Maybe it’s the blazing sun (it has been over 20 degrees for the best part of the week), maybe it’s the effect of the lockdown or maybe it’s both.  But people are out more than usual from when the lockdown intially began. Sitting in parks, walking, cycling, jogging or with their kids. It’s hard to point fingers or be upset and we can’t always blame selfishness on their part for being outside. How long can we mentally ask people to stay coupe inside London houses, with its reputation of being cramped spaces, house shares and lack of open space within their vicinity?

A few more coffees shops have opened, serving coffee and ice drinks through the shutters of their windows. I’ve even seen Police Officers cue up to get their daily caffeine boost.  Maybe this is the new normal Dominic Raab was talking about. As the weeks go on, the government need to come up with a plan quick. People need normality or an idea of what this new normality is. As business start opening up and more cars and people hit the road.  Maybe the strategy should now be, how we behave outside rather than how to keep us trapped inside of our homes.

Personally, I am already prepared, to live a life, where waiting outside of supermarkets, banks and other shops is going to be the new normal. Not being able to congregate in more than two, working from home, not meeting up or going to visit cousins or friends houses and saying goodbye to sitting inside a restaurant to have a meal.  And I think that is how it’s going to be for a long time, even after they find a vaccine and manage to immunise the whole country, we might me be too institutionalised to go back to the status quo of Feb 2020.

But other things haunt me. What if gyms are closed indefinitely? Because they are not considered essential and  it creates a perfect breeding ground for Covid- 19 transfer. What if festivals, theatres, sports events and cinemas are all closed or restricted as part of the new normal? How are we supposed to get by? These things which are by no means an absolute essential, but good for our creativity and mental health and also holds huge economic benefits for the country and the workers who work in those industries.

As more and more people end up being furloughed or losing their jobs and salary, where do they go in this ‘new normal’?  Already there are talks of drafting in furloughed workers to do fruit picking in the summer period to make up for the absence of the migrant workers, on who we relied every year. Although it makes economic and practical sense, that we spread the work force to fill in the labour gaps. There are many ethical and deeper questions to be asked about this. Are we entering an era, where fruit pickers or other similar work force, are no longer migrants, but a wide range of people from educated and well established background?  Sitting in the sun, picking fruits and sharing stories of what they did and were back before lockdown. Like soldiers drafted into war, or economic migrants, migrating from one country to another. This certainly seems like the setting of a novel, if the current global state, wasn’t one at the moment.

And as parents, what about schools? How will they manage social distancing in a school environment, how do you get 30 children in a class to keep their distances? Do we build bigger schools, do we make a rota for children to attend school? How do we do all this without effecting an entire generation’s education, mental well being and growth?

Day 34, and there are more still more questions than answers.  Binging Netflix, taking up a virtual hobby, rekindling lost connections, or even doing housework are getting over tiring. But there is always hope.  Twice this week, I saw Venus with my naked eyes, when I looked up into the skies at night.  The sky was so clear, that I was able to see more stars and the crescent moon shining ominously. Proving as always, to keep hope alive, the world within maybe changing but the cosmos is still flowing as one.

Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Day Twenty Nine – Does the Government Care?

With lockdown extended, it seems only logical we have lost track of the days and weeks. How quickly did our everyday rituals break down? Monday doesn’t mean anything more than a Wednesday or a Friday or even a Sunday- they are all just days.   A part of me is already missing the lockdown, even though it has not ended. A feeling of dread of not wanting to return to the status quo, of waking up and going to the office or picking up kids from the school.  Even something as simple as getting up from your bed, logging onto the computer to work, from the comfort of my sofa, seems too much to do now.

I am trying to avoid the news – or more so the commentary that comes with it. Yesterday, the death toll went down below 500 and the rate of infections was recorded as being lower as well. Not surprisingly, this bit of information was not sensationalised in the media. Instead, we were told to take caution, as the weekend might have delayed the actual numbers. It seems anything to indicate we are suppressing Covid- 19, is not worthy to be celebrated. You would think, people of today, would be more clued up, around the way the media works by now and their fear mongering nature. Yet somehow out of all this, Piers Morgan of all people has somehow become the unofficial spokesperson for the nation. It’s gobsmackingly shocking, how people from both left and right wing, have all banded together in their unequivocal support for Piers with his arrogant and brash style of surface dwelling questioning to government ministers. He has successfully managed to come out looking like a saviour in this crisis. Brandishing the government ministers, exposing their incompetence and questioning them about testing and PPE for NHS Staff, like that is the answer to this whole thing being defeated.

Instead of using his so called journalistic platform to question and hold the government to account, he seems to be enjoying telling them off for everything they are doing wrong, scoring points with the public, tending to their vulnerable side and their ever distrust of the government. It’s as if somewhere along the way, the public have forgotten that there is no right or wrong way to deal with an illness of this catastrophe. But probably it’s just human nature that we need someone or something to blame, to harness our anger at something and supporting the likes of Piers.

What is amusing, are the rhetoric which are coming out from all of this- the accusations that the government doesn’t care about our lives and the utter shock around this belief. It’s seems laughable that the public are accusing the government of being something, that has been common knowledge for many of us.

The purpose of the lockdown has never been to saves lives, it maybe a hard truth to accept but none the less it is the truth. The purpose has always been to avoid the NHS being overloaded with too many patients that could ultimately lead to a collapse. This is why, Save Lives and Protect the NHS are uttered in the same breath. Saving lives had to be put in there to appeal to our humanity.

Are the government cold hearted and want people to die? Of course not, but it shouldn’t come as a shock to people that this government probably lacks the empathy or sympathy needed to mourn or try its hardest to prevent lives being lost, to them it will always be numbers and statistics.  Our country’s record in the last two decades has hardly been of a government that is overfilling with human compassion.

In the last two decades, we have been involved in two massive wars (Afghanistan and Iraq), one ethically immoral and another, an illegal invasion in false pretext. Both resulted in hundreds and thousands of deaths and millions of people displaced. In the last decade alone, this government has interfered in Libya and Syria, with the same dire consequences of innocent lives as their previous two wars.  Here at home, they had subsequently introduced austerity, effecting the most vulnerable of our society, leading to masses of people dying or committing suicide through the added mental pressure. Homelessness is rife and food banks (which was a rare thing in the UK only a decade ago) are on the constant rise and part of ever day vocabulary. The government catering for their friends and the elite, led an ultimately nationalistic and racist campaign to leave the EU, marginalising the ethnic minority as a problem. And how did we reward them? By giving them a majority in Parliament only four months ago. Even with a proven track record of supporting and implementing a long line of cruel and vile policies. So, does it come as a surprise that an establishment with such a track record, all of sudden doesn’t care about lives? Is it really such a shock? Or did we disillusion ourselves, thinking that just by living in the UK, our government would value the lives lost here more than the lives they have maimed, killed and destroyed elsewhere.

Maybe this is the time to start to rethink of what actions of the government we condone, regardless of where and when is taking place. For years we have stood idly by, watching the cold senseless nature of the powers that be with their actions and policies abroad and at home. They had not been put to account like they have been now.  Is it really a surprise, when the rising death toll is not something they seem to be phased by or hard questions such as testing for front line staff or PPE for our NHS workers are just rolling of their back like a duck in water? Did we really have to go through this crisis, to know what many already knew. Maybe, if we had the level of questioning that we are doing now? We would have had a more efficient, reacting and compassionate government in our clasp.

Maybe, the likes of Piers should have used his aggressive manner of questioning ministers, when they initially clapped when voting down a pay increase to NHS nurses, or when Jeremy Hunt declared war with Junior Doctors.  When austerity was effecting the most vulnerable of our society and leading them to early deaths, or when foreign investors were buying up all the property stock in London adding to the housing crisis, or when we intervened in Syria and Libya, or how exiting the EU was going to lead a shortfall in ordinary people’s quality of life and disaster for the workforce of the NHS.  Instead we placed them on a high pedestal and now reaping the consequences of such a government.

Are we really supposed to be surprised and is it such a bold and earth shattering statement to say that the government doesn’t care about lives?  I guess the silver lining, if there was any, out of this horrible situation, is that the whole nation can now see the very nature of what they have been ignoring for a very long time.

Are the government doing everything they can? Of course they are, but that is all they are doing. We need to find solace in the fact, that a compassionate government that put lives ahead of profit, is not the type of government we have and that has been the case for a very long time. Maybe at last, we can finally understand, that we can’t just ignore and support a government to roll out plans and policies abroad and here at home, if it doesn’t affect us. That we need to elect people on their nature and not on gimmicks and harsh hard line attitudes. If you think lives are important? Than hold the government to question, no matter where or who that life is. Maybe that way, you could have someone who puts people before anything else.

Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Day Twenty Four – The BAME Position

It’s been over three weeks and it looks like we are in this for until the end of May. Boris has left hospital, Trump has declared war with WHO and withdrawn US funding, whilst some European countries like Denmark and Germany look at relaxing their lockdown restrictions.  None has been without its criticism. What started off as a united front from the country, is now beginning to show cracks- which comes as no surprise. The Lockdown is beginning to divide the nation, with some wanting it to continue whilst others just wish it will all end. Supermarkets are no longer busy with hoarders but social unrest and questions do seem to be showing. This week twenty 5G masts were damaged here in the UK, proving that the 5G conspiracy is not going away anytime soon.  People are becoming highly critical of government and rumours are circulating that a new vaccine will have an implant that is going to track people for a future new world order.

The news of 12000 plus deaths setting the UK on the course to be the worst hit country in Europe of this Convid 19 Pandemic, has led people to be more paranoid and scared of what the future might hold.  Amongst the many wild views and conspiracy theories, there is one that is highlighted above else and touched upon by the media. That is the rate of victims and death of those from BAME backgrounds and how it is higher than average, compared to the Caucasian population.

What does this mean? Is this some genetically engineered virus that is promoting the white colonial spirit, which has been engineered to attack people of Black and Asian backgrounds?  It is quite an easy conspiracy to get on board with, especially to those who have been victims of colonial past and the Anglo- Saxon rule of the world. To put it simply the answer is, a big fat No! If this unseen virus was somehow designed to kill and maim people of a certain ethnic background – in this case  Asian and Black. Then the continents of Asia and Africa would be the worst of hit by now. So why do you ask we have a high proportion of people from BAME backgrounds falling victims to COVID- 19? It’s simple and already been answered by many. People from BAME backgrounds in the West, especially countries like the UK, mainly live in densely populated cities, with close communities and intergenerational family infrastructure.  Along with that, many come from poor backgrounds, which equates to poor health, not to mention many account for the essential front line jobs that is vital to the UK economy.  All of which is bad potent for this virus, as the only way to not get affected by Covid 19 is to socially isolate, be in good health and stay away from people.   This pandemic has exposed the way the UK society has been functioning and exposed more deep rooted historical issues embedded into British society, which now needs to be evaluated by everyone. Especially people from BAME backgrounds and now is the right time to make cultural and belief changes.

There are no secrets of the dark side of the British empire, you only have to pick up a book or watch a documentary, to find out, what is now common knowledge. Both the US and UK had to rely on slavery to build their countries, to build the infrastructure of the nations we have now come to live in.  Workers torn away from their homelands without or little choice, to come and carry out menial jobs for absolute peanuts.  Yes, we have heard the apologies, read the books, seen the legislations put in place for decades for them to try and correct their choices, put the dark side of history behind them and move forward.  But has things really changed?

We seem to almost take pride in saying how immigrants are the backbones of this country, in order to prove our worth and value and justification to live in this country.  Whenever we have been faced with racist or xenophobic commentary, more so since Brexit. Almost as if we have accepted the immigrant position in this country, as those that carry out the most essential jobs and that is the reason they should be valued.

In this lockdown, we have celebrated far too often, the fact that most of the essential key workers, front line staff such as supermarket workers, cab drivers, couriers, delivery drivers and nurses are from BAME background and how important it is that we remember their contribution, after we move on from this pandemic.  But should we be encouraging this type of mindset?  By celebrating immigrants and people from BAME migrants as essential key workers, are we only just enabling the current narrative to continue? A narrative which has been playing for centuries, where people of colour are here to serve the native white people of this country? Why is it still after all this time, especially in an iconic city like London, one of the most developed, progressive and financial powerhouse of the world, do we still have large number of BAME background people who are carrying out essential front line jobs? This pandemic has exposed further the colonial strategies that still exist within this system and unless this changes, when another catastrophe happens, people from the minority will be a majority of the victims and front line martyrs.

Yes it is important to celebrate BAME and Immigrant contribution in a country like UK where majority are of white background, but it is also important that we do not limit ourselves to just celebrate our achievements to essential and front line jobs, which allows the inequality to carry on.

Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Day Twenty – Easter Lockdown

It’s an Easter weekend like no other. 26 degrees outside, like its mid-July with no sign of the sun going away anytime soon.  For the last 20 days, every day seemed like a bank holiday, ripping away the excitement and joy of the four day weekend we all love and anticipate every year. It’s sad to see colourful chocolate Easter eggs rotting away at supermarkets shelves. Unlike previous years, where we grabbed the special offers and scoffed it down and went out and got some more. This year the public seem to be more concern about stocking up on essentials and not idle confectionaries. The sun coming out, has does little to boost morale, as we stay stuck indoors, wishing we were out there, in the park, buying an ice cream and going to a restaurant with the kids. The things we casually did during bank holidays that now seem so strange and alien. A part of you wonders if the pre-pandemic status quo, will ever return?

The death toll is getting grim with record death reported every day, no one is exempt, as this week we saw more NHS doctors and medical staff, fall victim to Covid -19,  making the public feel more anxious. With no hopes of the lockdown ending anytime soon, more and more people are criticising the government, angry, frustrated with a feeling of betrayal. The thought the government could have somehow saved this situation or could have done better by earlier intervention or doing more now, seems to be the consensus.  You can feel the people’s emotions, but can also see through it too.  Anger has to be channelled towards something and the government is always going to be public enemy numero one.

Unlike other threats, this is an invisible enemy, no terrorist group, country, business, ideology or political groups can be blamed, so people take the blame to the government. As if somehow the government could have prevented microbes- the tiniest living organisms in the world, to stop coming into the atmosphere-. Nature is hard to be angry at, so we become unreasonable in our human quest to blame something.  But you can understand the anger, so you have to let them release it. In some countries, people are blaming Doctors instead of government- the ever struggle doctors face universally to play God.

Viral videos have surfacing of people policing other people in all parts of the world. Some with sticks and batons and here in UK with emotional words of anger, like somehow, they are heroic in doing so.  It only reminds me of how easy it is for people to undermined civil liberty and drag themselves into authoritarian rule.  A part of me can’t help to think, that the government are observing this current situation and taking notes out of this tragedy for future references. Getting one of the most free and democratic countries of this world to become a police state this quick, is no easy task and no doubt it has already given them ideas on how they can garner support for similar scenarios in the future.

I stared into the clear sky, at night, it felt weird, there were no artificial stars any more. Aeroplanes soaring in the sky, which I was so used to seeing, leaving a trail of light behind them, nowhere to be seen. During my jog during the day, the water from the Thames looked calm running under the famous bridges, like never before. I soak it all up, because I know, this is a one in a billion scenario, I will never see London like this ever again. Sun shining, clear blue skies and quiet in complete serenity.

This weekend was supposed to be the last weekend of the lockdown, but we are good month away from any clear answers. Sitting at home, scouring through the internet, putting off jobs that you no longer have an excuse not to do, seem like the new normal. Long lost connections are being forged and maybe people are talking to each other more over the phones but there is apprehension.  Even with all of this, we are divided about what is happening.

So we move on with our own faiths and beliefs and try to find solace with it all, with our own coping mechanism. Some have resorted to social media, some have retreated to reading books, some are busy showing the world how the lockdown is a positive. But whatever people are doing, for the first time I feel deep in the core of it all, their lies real anxiety and fear. What if this is the new status quo for the foreseeable future? What if February 2020, was the last of that era and things have taken an U- turn, that will take at least two generations to regenerate?

Happy Easter, Stay Safe.


Day Eighteen – Is Lockdown for the Privilege?

Since Covid 19 became a pandemic, many of us have been quick to point out how this virus has connected us together as country and a global community. The leaders of the world have held nothing back as they continue to tell us how we are all in this together and that we are all going to have to make the same sacrifices to protect lives. Although, the most vulnerable people of our global population seem to be the hardest hit, it seems, unlike any other threats, Covid 19 doesn’t discriminate, who these vulnerable people are.

Since January, we have watched it sweep its way through the working, middle and upper class taking no names and certainly no numbers. High profile politicians in Iran had died from it, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau had to isolate, Hollywood legend Tom Hanks even had it, it even hit our monarchy with Prince Charles declaring he was infected and of course the most famous and important one of them all, our very own PM, Boris Johnson is hospitalised because of it.  It was the final proof we all needed, that this isn’t an illness that targeted a certain section of society, unlike other diseases, it was targeting everyone.

For many, it was an opportunity to scream from the top of their voice, how this is further evidence, that we are indeed a global community and we are in it together and we can defeat it together by doing one simple thing – Stay Home. But is Covid 19 really an indiscriminate virus that has managed to pull together the global community or is it just merely exposing the deep inequalities we have in this world and in fact the most discriminatory type of disease we have ever come across.

In the middle of March when we were heading into partial lockdown, there were some States in the US, who had already gone into lockdown. I remember watching a video on Facebook, by one of my all time heroes, none other than The Terminator himself – Arnold Schwartznegger.  In the video with a cigar in his mouth and donning a grey beard, he strolled around his mansion equipped with a gym and swimming pool. He was encouraging people to stay at home, while showing us all, what he will be doing at home, during the lockdown and how people can keep busy by doing what he does. I remember thinking just how out of touch he must be with the common folk. To be bold Arnie, if I had a mansion with a pool, sauna and my own personal gym in sunny California? I would be in lockdown all my life. It got me thinking deeper into this. As the days and week passed, I came across videos on Tik Tok, You Tube and Facebook, of the many different ways people are enjoying and making the most of their time in lockdown. What was very clear to me, is the contrast of privileges across the globe and our country. So, while the middle class parents, such as myself, happily share pictures of our home office, our rainbow flags drawn by our kids in their terrific homeschooling.  The single people show of their latest yoga poses or home fitness routine in their large open space and the Gamers record their next video game for their growing subscribers on You Tube.  There is a dark and sinister side to all of this that people are not seeing.  A cruel picture which shows the real inequalities of the society we have built upon ourselves and why lockdown isn’t a Universal utopian answer, as it is to some. Like it or not, if you are enjoying, benefiting or can be in lockdown with little to no major effect in your life, you are the privileged one.

As you work from home, you must remember this is a privilege that not many can afford. Since March, we have come across terms such as Essential Workers and Key Workers which are really just names to sugar coat the social inequalities that we have in our job market. We have sexed up the delivery person, shop workers, front line workers, calling them heroes, giving them a false sense of hope and validation, making it out like they have a choice to be out there, but really they don’t.  It might be a rude awakening, but many workers in the front line such as shop keepers, supermarket assistants, cleaners, are not doing these jobs to be heroes, they are doing it to get paid.  If they had the option to work from home, many would. But since their industry is at the height of production at the moment, they can’t refuse to work without losing their income.

As someone who works with vulnerable families, I know families who live in overcrowded social housing flats, with numerous children that have nowhere to go outside or have adequate space inside their homes to learn or just be a normal child.  So whilst some of us, including myself, have only two kids and have the luxury of a back and front garden with high speed 24/7 internet connected to my home and be able to afford subscriptions to Netflix and Disney Plus to keep my kids entertained. I have to remind myself, there are a large number of families who do not have these privileges.

Calls to domestic violence line have soared since the lockdown, there are great fears that children under social services are more vulnerable to their abusers, mental, sexual and physical. A great rise in food banks globally for families that have lost incomes and now resorting to food from charities. Unemployment benefits rising by the millions as more and more people lose their jobs. Is it such a surprise then, when a new survey reported that 15% of this country’s population is feeling the stress of the lockdown and that it is likely to increase by a further 10% the further it is imposed.

This global pandemic has brought the global community together in a lot of ways. It has allowed us to appreciate and question the material things we put value on, but it has also deeply highlighted our society’s problems.  Majority of the people who have been severely or fatally infected by Covid 19 had previous poor underlining health issues, issues which were caused by poverty. You can call low paid front line workers heroes all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact, they are out risking their lives, doing a job many of us will not do and they are only doing, in the fear of losing their livelihood.

It’s not just a UK problem, being from a Bangladeshi family. I have read and watched news about the lockdown situation in South East Asia. There are rickshaw drivers, garment workers, food vendors and farmers, who are ready to defy lockdown and risk getting Covid 19 rather than die of starvation. These are workers who don’t belong to a welfare state, unions, they do not have savings, they do not have investments, or part of any protected wages schemes. They earn each day and take home what they make, for them lockdown simply doesn’t work.

So, yes, even though Boris might be in the same hospital as Mr Ali from Forest Gate or Dave from Dagenham, receiving the same treatment by the same high level of professionals nurses and doctors.  It might make great headlines, how we are all the same when it comes to this pandemic.  The real story starts when they are discharged. Boris and others like him, will return to a job, a house, a lifestyle that will allow them to carry on lockdown in the comfort of their video calling, internet streaming, nice garden and comfy deck chairs.  Whilst  Mr Ali or Dave will be returning to their social housing with a small balcony, cramped space and overcrowded bedrooms,  with very little to do.

Lockdown UK is not for everyone, it was a necessity but it can’t work for too long. It is not a system the people of this country were built for, we are not a totalitarian regime and for those of us who can still live our lives quite comfortably, we are certainly in a point of privilege and not necessarily at a point of sacrifice.